rock to the rhythm


went to see The Panthers play at their cd release party last weekend. it was fun as always (mighty robot is such a great space). i'll post something from their new album, when i get it (VICE ain't kissin' my ass, yet). . . unfortunately they didn't have any copies at the cd release party. they did, however, give out mixes to everyone. maybe i'll just post something from that. it has some pretty choice bits.


this track is from Dan Friel's newest release "Sunburn." its a great cacauphony of lo-fi orchestration. i saw him perform just the other week with Friends Forever in brooklyn, it was an amazing show (and i have proof). this is my favorite track. if you have a minute, check out something by dan's other band: Parts and Labor. also good noisy-mathy-rock-n-roll.

oh yeah, and if you have any empty cd cases, dan is looking for donations of jewel cases to help him distribute his new album. you can get in touch with him here

Dan Friel - Death

buy music, especially indpendent.

oh yeah, and anyone got any tips/advice where to get some mp3 hosting? i'm listen'. . .


tellin' it like it is. . . aka: burn baby, burn


okay, so go see the hole-in-the-ground from whence this has sprung:

the original sucka_pants

and your first MP3:

this is a track off the latest cloud cult album. now i know there are a lot of Bush "mash-ups" out there, or re-editing to make him say funny things (like the one where he sings U2's "sunday bloody sunday", that's a gem), and they are all good and fine. . .
BUT this one takes it. seamless, unnerving, slightly weird and funny, with a killer accompaniment in the background. its so good, you could almost say it is the reason i even set this thing up. there's a link to the band's website along with the mp3 below. go check it out.

Cloud Cult - State of the Union

buy music, especially indpendent.

oh yeah, and anyone got any tips/advice where to get mp3 hosting?