tricks, treats, and brooklyn beat-downs. . .


so i just found out tonight that a group of my friends got jumped, beaten, and shot at friday night. they were all riding their bikes together leaving a party in bushwick, heading down graham avenue in east williamsburg. for those of you who aren`t familiar, graham ave. is a huge street full of stores and is a main artery for the whole local community. it is often the only place where people are out at night in the area. apparently while they were riding, one of the girls fell and a group of about 20 guys who were just hanging out started harassing her, which escalated into a physically antagonizing her. the other people with her attempted to intervene and protect her. . .

long story short. a group of less than six was attacked by a group of twenty on a main brooklyn street. a metal chair was used as a weapon against the bike riders, cutting open one persons head so bad it required 18 staples. the guy i talked to that was there lost his front tooth when he was hit with the chair and had multiple wounds to the back of his head. the girl (along with the others) was also beaten while on the ground. it ended with the bike riders running to get away (leaving their bikes) and one of the thugs shooting at them at least twice.

do you want to know where the NYPD was during all of this? why no patrols came down this main street with multiple bars and consistent groups of guys just standing around all night?

they were busy arresting hippies and college kids for riding their bikes together at critical mass.



okay, so in case my tangent mislead you, i am a big fan of halloween and think it is by far the best holiday of the year. so i am going to post the most appropriate track i can think of (off the top if my head, anyway). this is Cradle Of Filth covering Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name." you want spooky? this is it. although not in that cheezy, moaning, haunted-house-soundtrack kind of spooky. more along the lines of screaming-while-ripping-out-your-intestines-to-some-serious-guitar-shredding kinda spooky. blast this out your windows and watch all the lil' trick-o'-treaters run for cover. except for that one lonely (slightly pudgy) little boy in his sad homemade grim reaper costume. he just stands there alone on the sidewalk and stares. there is a look in his eye that is only seen when someone experiences something that cracks the shell enclosing their previous understanding of the world they live in. and thus a fresh, young, fledgling metalhead is born.

• Cradle Of Filth - Hallowed Be Thy Name

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it's on kids. the second annual Black Label BIKE KILL. people are traveling from all over the continent (not kidding) for this. it will be the highlight of your year, and make everything else you spend your time and energy on seem like a big fat waste.


the Second Ever Black Label Bike Kill is coming!
this weekend!

Come ride our hand-made human-powered
machines and take part in contests ranging from
the silly to the downright dangerous.
Clubs are expected to come from all over north america:
from Minneapolis, San Francisco, Chicago,
Montreal, Austin, New Paltz, and more!
Expect to see (the infamous) tall bike jousting, the
return of 'the dirty mattress', a tandem bike
backseat basher pinata smasher, a bumper tank
course, the steamroller bike, the buckin' bronco
bikes, and much more. EVERYONE is welcome to try
out our bikes or just watch.


Saturday, October 30th 2pm - 9pm
Sandford Street at Willoughby Ave in Bed-Stuy
Sandford is three blocks east of Bedford.
G train to Myrtle-Willoughby (but why would you?
its 15 minutes by bikefrom the Brooklyn,
Manhattan or Williamsburg bridges)


////followed by ALL-NITE-LONG Afterparty in a
warehouse on Flushing Ave at Classon Ave
/featured bands: USAisAMonster - AQUI -
Langhorne Slim - Freddie Mas - Rampart -
/Black Label DJs Porkchop, Stachemaster, Dirty
Fingers keep you dancing all night
/get sleazy in the make out room provided by the
Madagascar Institute.

//The afterparty is FREE if you were at the day
events (and have a ticket to prove it) OR raced in
the the halloween alleycat (and have a spokecard
to prove it) All latecomers will be charged $5 to
help cover bands' travel money.
Food fights. Blood sport. Free beer.

Can you handle it?


previous parties:

and to sign up for the mailing list send mail to:



and as a partial soundtrack warm-up to the aforementioned BIKE KILL. here's a killer track off the new/only DFA 1979 release. the video is boring, but the music is hot. and i love canadians.

• Death From Above 1979 - Romantic Rights

and on a sidenote: i've never been an eminem fan, in fact i'd probably be more in the hater camp. but i've got new found respect for his new video/song "Mosh", even if it crosses over the cheeze-factor line a few times. i guess it takes some courage to take such an outspoken political stand (after all, the Dixie Chicks almost got burned at the stake for making a mere comment during a show in Europe). We're talkin' big balls, and if anyone's got 'em, it's eminem.

Mosh (real player)
Mosh (windows media player)
Mosh (46.6 MB .mov file)

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blood is the new black. . . is now trademarked


yeah. . . it is. i'm not kidding. three years after i started writing it around nyc, making stickers, buttons and t-shirts and giving them out, it is now some girls' clothing label. they own the domain and have trademarked the phrase. i guess i could get sued for using it now. funny.
people had been contacting me about my "new clothing line," and i had no idea what they were talking about. it turns out to be this. now, it is entirely possible that these girls came up with the exact same idea totally independently. even if we have run in the same social circles over the years. i don't know. either way, it kinda sucks. but it doesn't matter. supposedly it is getting picked up by urban outfitters and hot topic, which will make everything easier. the minute it hits those stores it's all over anyway.



these are some of my current favorites in my playlist. it also happens to be my roommate's new project. nice coincidence. i'm not exactly sure how to go about describing this. it's kinda-loud-folky-rockin'-bluesy-drunk-screamin'-footstompin'-country music. heavy on the drunk. really heavy. they even practice drunk. but i really like it. i think caleb's guitar playing is the key that holds the whole crazy train ride together. probably not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're feeling rambunctious and want to raise a little hell. . . this is your music.

• The Goddamn Rattlesnake - Garfunkel

• The Goddamn Rattlesnake - September Rag

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blood is the new black. . .


weekend was good. hung wallpaper, helped a friend with a photo shoot at union square, went to a rad art opening at KCDC, sold my clothes on the sidewalk in bushwick, did a photo shoot for the upcoming Stache Riders calendar. . . can't wait for this weekend. it's gonna be bananas. . . Bike Kill alone is enough to keep you up at night with anticipation. . . but an xbxrx show too??? and the halloween critical mass on friday. . . damn, son. . . sorry if the posts are sporadic this week, but there is a lot of prep to be done, especially for thursday's mural project.



Not trying to save the world today. i've been slacking pretty hard on my past-due cover song compilations. . . not to mention a few mix cds owed to some friendly canadians. . . so today's somewhat-related post is a little ditty done by Death Cab For Cutie called "All Is Full of Love." originally coming from lil' miss Bjork, who once did this video where she explains to the audience how the inside of a television looks just like a little city full of little people. any further description wouldn't do nearly the justice necessary to allow me to go on. i'd give you more info on where to find it, if i knew. . . yeah i know, sucks.

• Death Cab For Cutie - All Is Full Of Love

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rude, red, white, and blue. . .


damn. . . i am tired. worked a half-day and then had a rushed photo shoot all afternoon-evening. . . THEN went to see a "classical" concert up at lincoln center. . . THEN drove down to 14th st. for a friend's boss' birthday party. where (of course) i ran into an ex, of the not-speaking-or-acknowledging-your-existence variety. yeah, i don't think dating models is for me.



I'm too damn tired to give you a long one on this. . . let's just say hot dub with a killer Cure sample. good enough for you? it should be. oh yeah.

• Cecile - Rude Bwoy Thug Life

to make up for this lackluster post, here's some new tracks from the demo by brooklyn-haired Soft (the band).

• Soft - Droppin
• Soft - You Make Me Want To Die

definitely a bit of a mixed bag today.

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drip. . . drip. . .


i am planning to try not to make this an overtly political blog, no matter what i may be thinking. . . but some things are too good (or scary) to pass up.

"In the summer of 2002, after I had written an article in Esquire that the White House didn't like about Bush's former communications director, Karen Hughes, I had a meeting with a senior adviser to Bush. He expressed the White House's displeasure, and then he told me something that at the time I didn't fully comprehend -- but which I now believe gets to the very heart of the Bush presidency.
The aide said that guys like me were ''in what we call the reality-based community,'' which he defined as people who ''believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.'' I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. ''That's not the way the world really works anymore,'' he continued. ''We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.''

-- Ron Suskind, "Without a Doubt"

see the source here.

thanks to Waremouse for that.



okay, one more from DFA. sort of. this is Liquid Liquid. they were a rather essential element of the early 80s minimalist funk/"no wave" line, along with other great bands like ESG. and just like ESG, Liquid Liquid's beats are responsible (ie. sampled) for the foundations of some of the greatest hip hop songs of all time. Check out "Cavern" by Liquid Liquid and you'll see what i mean. so here is a track off of the DFA comp by Liquid Liquid, true to form. they have even played a few shows around the nyc area within the past year or so, but i still have yet to avail myself of the opportunity ( = financial restrictions and otherwise).

• Liquid Liquid - Bellhead

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say what. . .


anyone got a nice apartment (in nyc) that i can use to do product shots for a magazine? anyone? anyone? yeah, didn't think so. . .



okay, more DFA. i was introduced to Pixeltan when i became friends with the drummer from Black Dice, who was also in Pixeltan. i liked Black Dice, but i REALLY liked Pixeltan. they have now gone on to become Plate Tectonics with a different drummer. when i met with DFA about a year ago, they played some unreleased Pixeltan tracks they had. apparently they had really wanted to put it out, but Devin wasn't quite comfortable with it. . . yet. word is that Pixeltan is back and up to something (like a new 12"). This song is a DFA remix of two Pixeltan tracks. Plate Tectonics is one of the few bands that i actually still feel bad about missing their live shows. they are that good. so enjoy this, and if you like it definitely pick up the Pixeltan album.

• Pixeltan - Get Up-Say What

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haunted house of the jealous lovers


weekend of hard work. chain-saws, roto-tillers, pitchforks, drills, sledgehammers, shovels, rakes. . . and it rained occasionally. it was great being back home. i had forgotten how beautiful the fall leaves can be. drove back to nyc yesterday. only got lost once, on foot. i was trying to get to this abandoned house out in the woods off the highway. there wasn't any sort of path, so it required some trailblazing (sans machete) through muddy patches with thorny vines everywhere. the only potentially dangerous part was crossing some seriously polluted streams on sketchy rotting branches. and when i eventually got there, it was one of those "hey, this is exactly like in that one horror movie. it even looks the same too! wow, that`s a crazy coinciden... . . okay i think i should leave now" moments.

word on the street in cleveland is that the Hella performance at pianos over the weekend was amazing shit. that's pretty good if your show is being talked about three states away, the same weekend it happened.

oh yeah, and this made my day. . . thank you to mr. catchdubs.



it's time for some DFA. The Rapture are definitely the biggest DFA band. i remember seeing them for the first time at brownies, or the cooler (not sure which was first) and being blown away. i'm pretty sure they had a different line-up back then. This track isn't really all that much of a rarity, but it's not on an album either. it is currently being re-released on the new DFA comp. pick it up if for nothing else than the pixeltan tracks. (gee, i wonder what i'm going to post tomorrow)

• The Rapture - Alabama Sunshine (House of Jealous Lovers b-side)

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fall through. . .


fall is here. . . going back to ohio for a visit next weekend. so i'll be MIA till next week. gonna do some work outdoors for a few days. anybody know of a good place to go apple picking within easy driving distance of brooklyn?

next week i think we're going to have a little DFA showcase (the label, not the band) to celebrate the end of CMJ. some really good shit, i promise.



i think i've seen this track floating around somewhere in the mp3 nexus. . . but it deserves more than one post (and since that other one is probably dead now). i know fall is not usually hip-hop season, but rather the end of it. but this isn't your usual hot-sweat-party-jam by any means. it's got a frenetic beat, but in a slightly edgy works-with-cold-weather-and-grey-skies kinda way. besides, Saul used to come in to a coffee shop in brooklyn where my friends worked, they had nothing but nice things to say about him. and he was in that movie "Slam" in which an old acquaintance of mine was made to look like a total asshole. . . ya gotta love that.

• Saul Williams - List Of Demands

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autum time is the right time. . .


went to some openings friday night. i was psyched when i saw that juxtapoz show the other week, BUT it got trumped by the show up at Riviera Gallery (103 Metropolitan Ave. Between Berry and Wythe, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY). the exhibition is a small group show of all illustrators. maybe i am just a sucker for narrative in art (oh wait, i am). . . but the shit was great. i was especially impressed with the work by (both well known) Rachel Salomon (see image above) and Camille Rose Garcia. Jeff Soto also had some fun ones too. if you make it out to only one show this fall, make it this one, its just a short stroll from the bedford stop on the L train.



this is from the mix cd Panthers gave out at their cd release party (since they didn't have any actual copies of their new album). my roommate had told me about Hawkwind before. he and a friend had stumbled across some really amazing radio station while crossing through the south-east US a while ago. a weird but perfect combo of OLD classic rock, blues, jazz, and even some bluegrass. one of the tracks that really caught them was by Hawkwind. so when they got back to nyc, he dug up an album of theirs. turns out that Hawkwind is one of the backbones of the heavy metal scene in the UK from back in the 60s. they have something like 30 cds out. This particular track was picked from the Panthers cd, but its also my favorite Hawkwind song (so far).

• Hawkwind - Down Through The Night (8.5 MB)

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i wanna sleep with. . .


i came home after helping a friend with a photo shoot last night and my roommate was watching this movie "Dogville" by Lars von Trier. it was interesting, if not somewhat predictable. the discussions some of the characters had were really interesting. . . BUT what the hell was with the closing credits??? does anyone know anything about why he chose to use those pictures and song? i mean i can see the connection, poor people, americans, everyday person, etc. . . but still. is he saying that all poor people are evil?



this track is from the new William Shatner album, which he did with Ben Folds. it comes out any day if it hasn't already. now i am a huge sucker for covers, especially interesting and good ones. and this one is exactly what i am talking about. Shatner did some pretty wacky covers on an album he put out called "The Transformed Man." these were later combined with songs from another album by Leonard Nimoy and released as "Spaced Out" (1968). "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" is probably the best Shatner track off of that (sometimes frightening) gem. The (genuine) drug-induced nature of it is pretty great, especially the maniacal screaming at the end. however Nimoy stole the show with a music video he shot for a (presumably?) original track "The Ballad Bilbo Baggins." remember, this was back in 1968. . . trippy was in, and no matter how hard he tried, Nimoy never was anything remotely "groovy." so imagine your high school science teacher singing about a hobbit with girls in go-go outfits doing choreography around him while he smiles and tries to look like he doesn't have a pole up his ass. yeah. that good.

• William Shatner - Common People

you can download the "Bilbo Baggins" video here:
The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins

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thank me with your. . .


so i was out-voted on watching "Coffee And Cigarettes" last night and ended up with "Soul Plane" instead. I'm still not sure if i was entertained or wasted 2 hours of my life. Snoop Dogg ends up dead. there i ruined it for you, now you won't have to risk the same dilemna.

and this qualifies as some crazy shit. $13,000.00 for a T-SHIRT. yeah, that's right.



this is a track from the new album by Panthers. i mentioned them a few days ago when i went to see them at their cd release party. Panthers are composed of members from The Red Scare, Turing Machine, and all the ex-members of Orchid. a "super-group" of sorts. . . i couldn't quite get into them when they first started playing, but like most bands it just took a little while for them to gel. when they released their last album "Let's Get Serious" i became a big fan overnight. i have to admit i haven't heard anything else from the new album, but i like what i do hear on this track. not sure yet if it will trump "Let's Get Serious," but it would seem pretty damn close. . .

• The Panthers - Walk Of Shame

some more Panthers MP3s from "Let's Get Serious" (via Panthers own website):
Thank Me With Your Hands
Don't Be A Dick

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kitchen chaos


anybody catch that Juxtapoz show at Fuse gallery in Lit this weekend? it was a really fun and interesting show. a little heavy on that goth-rock-a-billy thing, but it didn't overwhelm too much. its nice to see neckface back in town too, was starting to think that LA was going to kidnap his ass with all its money and fake titties. highly recommended getting down there to check it out before its gone.



this is a track from a band i saw the other weekend in a windowless kitchen in bed-stuy, brooklyn. they're called Clickers and they hail from boston. the show was with another boston act, Dial M For Murder, and my roommate's new drunken-country-foot-stompin' project The Goddamn Rattlesnake. i wish that there was a recording of the Fugazi cover that the Clickers did, but alas i think that was just a side-effect from their now-canceled plan to be fugazi for halloween. either way, it was one hell of a hot kitchen show. . . those boston boys really give it what they've got, even if its only for 10 drunk people sweating their asses off for the last of the brooklyn summer house shows. and they were really nice funny kids too. can't beat that.

Clickers - That's Just The First Bell

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pure rock and dirty dance floors


so i went to see Dead Moon play last night. they are just amazing. that's all there is to it. amazing. they played even better than the last time i saw them. always full of that just-rock-and-never-stop (i'm still kicking myself for not catching that documentary made about them when it came through during the New York Underground Film Festival).
i even passed up another infamous Black Label party for this show. and no offense to BL, but it was still worth it. i went and checked out the BL digs afterward, it was another crazy dance party with an enormous rooftop chill area. saw a lot of good kids, and it was still going strong when i left at 4 am. all i can say is that any djs that can keep a dirty warehouse dance floor FULL for SIX HOURS should get a medal or something. at least a no-strings-attached blow-job. damn.



these are some tracks from a live Dead Moon album, they seemed appropriate since i just saw them live. the first song "It's Okay" has been, and i think always will be, one of the greatest songs ever. it's been over half a decade since i first heard it and it hasn't tarnished one little bit. it's just a solid, optimistic, put-a-smile-on-your-face song. the second track is my other favorite. . . and that's all i need to say. i also picked these two to try and cheer up a friend who is having a rough one today. hope they help, lvfx.

Dead Moon - It's Okay

Dead Moon - Play With Fire

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oh yeah, and anyone got any tips/advice where to get some mp3 hosting? still listen'. . .