so it seems that today is "me day" by accident. . .

first, photos from The Idiotarod are up. go check out your friends looking ridiculous and having fun. . . also available at my brand-new, g-rated flickr profile, for those of you who are all into flickr and whatnot. this profile is mainly for events and such, since my other flickr profile has been determined "NIPSA" (Not in Public Site Areas) and cut off from the rest of flickr. a little nudity never hurt nobody, geez. . .

also, (this week only) you can see a music video for Death Cab For Cutie that i contributed footage for. it was directed by Cat Solen, and was shot all on super 8, which was fun. but don't sleep too long on this one, it expires soon. after that you'll have to go buy the dvd.



i have been sitting on this song forever. . . it's The Flaming Lips covering one of the very best White Stripes tunes, with some politically-oriented adjustment to the lyrics. rawer and a bit more distorted, it's very much what you would expect to get putting the Stripes through a Lips filter.

• The Flaming Lips - Seven Nation Army

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so the reports of january's Critical Mass ride have been pretty daunting. scooter cops hospitalized due to their own recklessness. fortunately they were treated immediately by a Critical Mass rider and Time's Up! volunteer who also happened to be an EMT. however the subsequent rampant retaliation by cops resulted in extremely reckless and dangreous behavior in the attempts to arrest riders. including "One rider [who] was also charged with assault when, witnesses say, he was yanked off his bike while it was still moving and his bicycle struck another officer." click on this link to read a very thorough report in the Village Voice. and just remember that crossing the line between civil servant and thuggish gang is never far away when dealing with the nypd.

however, on a positive note, you can now download the interview by David Lee Roth on 92.3 KROCK with Elizabeth Press and Andrew Lynn, two of the three directors of "Still We Ride." Mr. Van Halen is a regular bike rider, and doesn't own a car. apparently the parts where he defends Critical Mass against angry callers is pretty good. give it a listen.

and monday folks. . . come drink free beer, recount your war stories from the Idiotarod, and dance with other bikin' buddies. like you have anything better to do on a monday anyway.


Bicycle Film Festival Winter Party!
Presented by Anthem Magazine and Brendt Barbur

Monday January 30th - 10pm-4am
LIT - 93 2nd Avenue at E. Fifth St.

complimentary beer from Brooklyn Brewery 10:30-11:30

DJ's Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance)
James F!@#$%^ Friedman (Defend Music)
Ted Shred (BFF)

Ride over on your bike: Valet Bicycle Parking provided by Crumpler Bags. Decor by Trackstar

For more info check out the BFF site:




from the dark-designer origins of Double Dagger comes a rather impressive offspring. . . The Materials. I don't know anything more about this band than what is on their myspace profile, but this song really caught my attention less than halfway through (you'll know which part i'm referring to). So i offer up to you another band that you're probably not going to find elsewhere. hope you dig it, son.

• Materials - What I Want

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saturday is the day, start conserving your energy now. . .

- Idiotarod! (saturday during the day, brooklyn - manhattan). see the previous post for info.

- Time's Up! Special Movie Night = WARRIORS: THE BIKE MOVIE and other Alley Cat fun stuff (at 8 pm, 49 E. houston st.). if you haven't seen this film yet, DO NOT MISS IT. the part with the viking and the baptist church is priceless.

- Fort Seriously RIP!

From Lee & Taryn of Fort Seriously, 97 Montrose:

Cheers of joy. Boos of disapointment. Indifferent askance glances asking "what the fuck do I care?" Lee and Taryn are leaving the Fort to the future beverage store owners, professionals, hipsters, faggots, deviants, heathens, anarchists, homemakers and vermin of 97 and 99 Montrose. It's over Febuary 1st. In honor, Fort Seriously is hosting a gala burlesque performance, birthday party and bon voyage party on Saturday, January 28th, begining at eight o'clock in the evening.




are you hyper? are you happy? are you shouty? well you are now. and keyboards!

• The Capricorns - The New Sound

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so Sucka Pants (.com) has been having a bit a rough go lately. from the beginning there has been an issue with people not being able to see the site due to someone somewhere classifying it as porn. then, the fotolog origin of this site (fotolog.net/sucka_pants) gets deleted due to an unwarrented complaint. after three years, poof. . . all gone. and lately you may have noticed i had added some google ads in the side bar (because until i start getting paid to take photos, creativity is required in the pursuit of the monthly rent payment). well apparently Sucka is too dirty for even the all-consuming google monster to get mixed up with. and thus i have been black-balled and ten-foot-poled. guess now i know what a dead skunk feels like.

on a better note, the Idiotarod is happening this saturday. for those unfamiliar, the Idiotarod is a variation on the great alaskan long-distance sled-dog race, the Iditarod. except instead of alaska, it happens in nyc. and instead of a sled, it's a shopping cart. and instead of dogs, it's people. the one thing the two events have in common? it's usually really f*cking cold. the idea for this was imported from san francisco. and while you may think them softies compared to the cold-as-hell nyc run. . . i do seem to remember there being a few hills in san fran. anyway, the race starts at 2 pm in brooklyn and ends in manhattan, with multiple booze-oriented checkpoints along the way. for details, click here.



oh brother. i don't know. i've got too much else on my mind right now. um, mid-sixites rock, in line with the Stones and the Animals. Van Morrison was the lead singer. they did a cover of a Dylan song that became one of my all time favorite songs (the Van Morrison version). enjoy.

• Them - Bright Lights Big City

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Jah Jah (DJ Rev. Mc Fly) and DJ Pussy Da Bomb spin at Happy Endings tonight (wednesday). . . if you like your booty bouncin' so hard it breaks in half, then this is the party for you. if dancing scares you, or makes you feel uncomfortably funny inside, you should probably stay home and watch Seinfeld reruns. i'm just sayin'. . .



and here's some funk carioca to warm up those buns, hon.

• Bonde Do Role - Funk De Esfiha

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so i had mentioned having my fill of fake blood this weekend. well now you can see what i was talking about. an entire day of editing later, here are the stills from the Matt & Kim video shoot. yep. there was a lot of blood, a lot of booze, a lot of raging on slippery floors in a fake kitchen, and even a whole lot of dying (in a big smelly heap). . . it was pretty sweet. sucks that you missed it. but at least you can see a slight hint of what it would have been like to be there. . . enjoy.



hi. how ya doin'? good? good. so, may i blow your mind? yeah? cool. listen to this. and i should mention it was released in 1971. that would be a year after Black Sabbath put out their first album. oh, and it's from japan. oh, and Flower Travellin' Band also covered bands like Sabbath, King Crimson, and the Animals. in 1970 (on their album "Anywhere"). that's the same year Sabbath recorded their first album, and this band was already covering them. from japan. kinda crazy huh? well i'll let you get back to listening to the song. just remember, 1971. but don't hurt yourself.
* check the comments for a link to more info about Flower Travellin' Band.

• Flower Travellin' Band - Satori Part 1

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wow, crazy good weekend. although i've probably seen enough fake blood to last me a while (more on that later).



whoa, whoa, whoa. sex noises. . . with rhymes over the top like cheap icing. and probably the most notable use of harmonica on a hip hop track i can think of. Tha Pumpsta brings it all to you in one little song. Not work safe, to say the least.

• Tha Pumpsta - Emotional Flows

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(yep, it says "big dick")

i received a very interesting letter from a friend of a friend. they have been touring the recently ravaged disaster areas of the southern US. the letter puts forth how the rich in the US benefit greatly from disasters such as what we've seen this past year. No matter what your take, it is worth a read. . . leave your thoughts in the comments. there's bound to be some dissenting opinions.



here's something to get your weekend started off right. . . brazilian bangers, Cansei De Ser Sexy (Tired Of Being Sexy) covering Blondie, with a little "Teenage Kicks" thrown in for good measure.

• Cansei De Ser Sexy - One Way Or Another

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holy crap. the Black Label Bicycle Club documentary is going to Slamdance. it's gonna be awwwwwwesome. . .

and on a bike-related note. . . if you missed the memorial ride for the 21 cyclists killed in nyc in 2005, Andrew Lynn over at Breathing Planet made a little documentary about it (he was also one of the directors of "Still We Ride"). i think it does a good job educating people about who has been lost and why the ride happened. . . further illustrated by the interaction with a cop when he tries to break up the ride. download it here.

and wouldn't these make great tattoos? sign me up, i've still got some room on my left buttock.



for some reason this mellow selection from the monumental album "Leviathan" (a concept album based on the novel "Moby Dick") by metal monsters Mastodon seems rather appropriate for this post dealing with violence, death, and the bicycles that connect them. or i could just really not be awake yet. not sure.

• Mastodon - Joseph Merrick

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(Poor Boy Johnson gets excited)

so the Rattlesnake totally slept on plugging himself, Poor Boy Johnson, The Lonsome Doves, AND Leaders. so here i am swooping in at the last minute like some uptight secretary. great. bottom line: fun show tonight at Galapagos, and it's a benefit for one of the (most effective) organizations helping with the hurricane disaster relief down south. all this brought to you by the radiant Ms. Troublebrass. come early, have a blast, then go home and be glad you live where there are great shows all the time. i'll let the Rattlesnake take over from here. . .


SHOW ENDS AT 10pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

weds. jan. 18th.
7pm sharp. ends 10pm.
seven dollars.
70 north 6th st.

benefit concert for friends down in mississippi helping people in need. people helping people. makes me smile.

amazing musical performances by:

poor boy johnson and the goddamn rattlesnake.
(a hangover waiting to happen.)

(heavier than space.)

lonesome doves.
(like a wedding in a funeral parlor.)

we only have the space for three hours. so come after work. go home early. sleep well knowing you helped the someone. somewhere. good people. good music. good times. i can not wait. hope to see you all there. at 7pm. galapagos. yes.

completely yours.

(the lazy) g.d. rattlesnake.



and just to make this complete, i'm going to post a track off of the Rattlesnake's last album (which came out a while ago), that he has YET to get around to throwing up here. if i didn't live with the guy, i'd think he just sat around all day in his underwear eating cereal and scratching himself. but he doesn't. in fact i don't really think he's a big fan of cereal in general. and he usually wears jeans and a plaid shirt, probably with underwear underneath. but i can't attest to that for sure. either way, this is probably my favorite song off the album, and if you come to a show you get one for FREE. now that's just generous. although those guys are still trying to figure out how one of their cds ended up in the hands of a soldier in michigan (strange, since they've never toured). . . but that's another story.

• Poor Boy Johnson & The Goddamn Rattlesnake feat. Crozier - Foggy River Roll

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i had an odd experience this weekend. . . it's amazing how "unamerican" someone can make you feel when you admit that you don't watch television. it's as if these celebrities' idenities were as crucial to our national identity as the pledge of alliegence.

Matt & Kim are going on tour during all of february. the list of locations/dates can be found here. a lot of spots are still up in the air, so if you can help these kids get a show, get in touch. and here's a little reminder as to why you're going to drive 2 hours to see them if necessary. or if you're in nyc, go catch them tonight with Meneguar at Tommy's Tavern in greenpoint (1041 Manhattan Ave @ Freeman St, $6). it's their last show for three months while they tour and get famous (march & april dates to follow).

also, Nick Catchdubs is offering up the mixtape he did with Saul Williams again. don't miss it this time around, go download it here. (download site)



i heard this on the radio somewhere between dayton and youngstown in ohio. which is pretty damn weird. it was on some radio station's "old school lunch," which consisted (supposedly) of old school rap tracks. only problem? it was a request show. so the actual "old school rap" songs that people requested were: Bon Jovi, Belinda Carlisle, and Tears For Fears. even the dj made a comment about how people were kind of missing the point before he elected to put on "Bad," by Michael Jackson. however somewhere in between all of that, this came on. and it made my day.

• Cameo - Word Up

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this is a belated heads up for any san fran readers. . .


From KTVU: SF Cyclist Killed In Hit And Run

POSTED: 4:28 pm PST January 12, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO -- Police were looking for witnesses in a hit-and-run crash that took the life of a San Francisco bicyclist Thursday.

Sarah Tucker, 26, of San Francisco, was heading down Polk Street at about 2 a.m., according to Inspector Pat Tobin with the department's hit-and-run detail, when she came to a green light at the intersection of Geary Street.

A motorist driving a black Honda CR-V sport utility vehicle west on Geary apparently ran the red light, entering the intersection just before Tucker, who crashed into his passenger door.

"She sees him coming, she yells 'Hey,' that's what made some of the witnesses look up," Tobin said today. Tucker apparently did not have enough time to stop before slamming into the door of the Honda.

Tucker was catapulted off her bicycle, according to the Police Department, and landed in the street. She was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where she died at 9:46 a.m. The driver of the Honda is described as a black male, according to police. He apparently did not have any passengers with him. Damage to the door will be obvious, Tobin said. "All the witnesses said the passenger door had marked damage -- very noticeable," Tobin said. "All the witnesses got good looks at his face."

Any witnesses to the event itself or those who have spotted a black Honda CR-V with damage to the front passenger door are encouraged to call Tobin in the hit-and-run division at (415) 553-1641, or call the department's confidential tip line at (415) 575-4444


i hate to say it, but no big surprise. most people are not capable of driving in a conscientious manner. and a lot of people are just amazingly selfish assholes behind the wheel. was the 5 seconds that guy saved himself by running the red light worth someone's life? well it is now.



it's been a while since i've gone screamy around here. with variety being the spice of life and all that. so here's a nice solid frantic cover of Queen by The Blood Brothers. just when you were getting comfortable, too.

• The Blood Brothers - Under Pressure

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(this guy threatened to kick my ass if i posted this online)

here is further proof that Black Dice do not do drugs. right. windows media)

also, my friend Mr. McMutt has some great new shirts at the KCDC skate shop. as well as some of the coolest skate decks you've ever seen.

1, 2, 3

skate decks here:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5



this is for those of you who missed the killer triple bill (Tunnel Of Love, Apes, and Professor Murder) at Southpaw last friday. and these guys were the OPENING act.

• Professor Murder - Chinese Checkers

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yo peeps, Grub up this sunday. come help cook anytime after 4pm, to eat get there by 7. it was crazy crowded last time and food went fast. but damn was it good. and as always, it's pay-what-you-wish.



can you say "guilty pleasure?" now you can.

• Frou Frou - Holding Out for A Hero

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christ, thursday is a busy one. . . here are a few ideas:

- Gore B opening at Orchard Street Gallery (139 orchard st. btwn rivington - delancey)
- Nick Waplington opening at Roebling Hall (606 w. 26th st. btwn 10th - 11th ave.)
- Bloody Panda plays downstairs at the Knitting Factory (whatever, just look it up)

and friday you have to choose:

- Tunnel Of Love, Apes, and Professor Murder at Southpaw (125 5th ave. brooklyn - $8)
- Black Label Bicycle Club's (Friday the 13th) Masquerade Ballers II party (and one year anniversary party for Greg dancing in public), masks are REQUIRED, at the Wreck Room (940 flushing ave. at evergreen st. in brooklyn)

sleep when you're dead. . .



if you're not snapping your fingers to this, it better be because your hand is broken. (thanks, Napu)

• Love - Everybody's Got To Live

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(from Amateur Female Jello Wrestling night. more here.)

an urgent communique from Black Mountain:

Black Mountain's stolen gear surfaced in brooklyn: help get it!

Apparently some of our stolen gear has surfaced on Bedford and North 7th in Brooklyn. Some street vendor is trying to sell it. We'd especially like to get the guitars back (if that's what he's selling) We can't really do shit from Vancouver but if anyone could help us out or had any ideas or know what exactly he's trying to sell that would be cool. Shit, we'd fly there and even buy them back from him if we could.

Gibson RD Standard electric guitar (blonde woodstain) serial .. 1366
Eko 12 string electric guitar (sunburst / case has Gus stenciled on it w/ stickers)
Epiphone ET-270 electric guitar (cherry red w/ black pickguard)
Fender Telecaster Thinline electric guitar (woodstain)
Squire Telecaster electric guitar (black w/ Jawbreaker sticker)
Gibson Ripper electric bass (sunburst w/ ducktaped pickguard / heavily damaged paint finish on the backside/ case has Black Halos stenciled on it)

pedals (in black and silver flight case):
Maestro Phaser serial .. 013922
MXR Distortion +
MXR overdrive
Boss Tremolo
Boss Digital Delay / Octave
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Electro Harmonix Dr. Q
Electro Harmonix Octaver
2 Boss TU-2 guitar tuners

damn, it's times like this i wish i knew more about instruments/sound equipment. if you can lend any assistance, please contact the band.



here's Modest Mouse and Califone covering Slayer's "South Of Heaven." interesting.

• Modest Mouse & Califone - South Of Heaven

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(from some party where people get naked. . . too many dudes though. more here. um, and that would be for you 18+ folks.)

Mr. Sucka went partying this weekend. which is unusual. i blame My Open Bar, personally. (and relatedly, riding your bike all over brooklyn/manhattan till 5am when it's nuts cold outside WILL make you sick eventually. but nothing that some v8 and sleeping till 3pm can't fix.) one of the highlights was definitely Jaja's dj set at the Sweatshop Labor shindig. goddamn that boy can spin. it was one of those too-crowded-to-move-but-we-have-to-dance-to-this-anyway scenes. very fun. went to some party called Trash, lot's of seemingly-under-21s. but of the pretty st.-marks-punk-meets-The-Cure kind. and then Rated X last night. too many dicks, not enough chicks (at least naked on stage anyway). but Jeannie Nitro and friends kept it lively upstairs by throwing liquor on everyone and breaking tables. keeps ya smiling.

and here's something left over from before it got all bitter-ass cold. Japanther playing live outside at Pratt Institute. watch for the dude passing out and getting carried away.



so since that video above was shot, Japanther has come out with another album. they are some prolific dudes, i must say. the new album is solid, although it didn't blow me away as much as Wolfenswan. but more importantly, it has those staple songs you anticipate raging out to at every show they play. so now you can pop it in, crank it up at home, and destroy YOUR OWN kitchen for once. friggin' awesome. and if you need some visual help to imagine the intensity that is Japanther, here are more photos and stuff.

• Japanther - The Gravy

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the above photo and event below disavow any and all connection or correlation whatsoever.


When: Friday Jan 06, 2006 at 9:00 PM
Where: Happy Ending Lounge (Upstairs) 302 Broome St @ Forsyth
What: Bacardi Open Bar 9-11pm. DJ Reverend McFly, DJ Conquerrah, Lucas (Sweatshop Labor), clothing givaways, free booze...
Get there!!



this seemed appropriate for a post about a weekend dance party. one highly underrated Ms. of the rap game. philly represent.

• Ms. Jade - She's A Gangsta

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(photos from last night's sloppy, dirty, rough, painful Tunnel Of Love show)

here's an interesting super-8 take on last year's Bike Kill III. made by really-nice-guy Nick Golebiewski, and narrated by the ever effervescent Matt Levy.



you know it had to happen. a "world music" version of "Rock The Casbah." don't hate me.

• Rachid Taha - Rock El Casbah

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thursday is the much anticipated opening of Josh MacPhee's new Paper Politics printmaking show at 5 Plus 5 Gallery in DUMBO, brooklyn. it's in conjunction with the book of the same project, also by Josh MacPhee. 174 artists contributing, it'll blow your little politically-burned-out mind.



so a little birdy (named Jade) sent Ad Astra Per Aspera my way. i used to listen to this one song i found on Insound years ago when i was still in college, but had pretty much forgotten about them. i'm glad someone sent me back 'round their way, as the new stuff is way better than the track i remember from days of old. drop by their site to pick up other equally arresting musical forays. or watch them live.

• Ad Astra Per Aspera - Goodland At Night

and look ma! i have a myspace profile!

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(the one-and-only Brownbird Rudy Relic)

in case you were wondering what Lovefoxxx has been up to, apparently she's collaborating with Shakira now.



Brownbird Rudy Relic is one of the few people i can think of that has caused me to stop in mid-sentence and walk away from the person i was talking to just to listen to him. he played with the Rattlesnake at hank's saloon a while ago, and caused me to perform the aforementioned rude act. that was also the same show where the bar owner turned on the radio during Rattlesnake and Poor Boy Johnson's set. it played for a good while, until Zipco was finally able to put a stop to it. but i digress. Brownbird has a very unique and captivating sound. . . some parts old blues man, some parts lost romantic ballad, a mouth that can open big enough to swallow a football, and a wail that gets your attention by the shear heart-felt earnestness of it. . . however, this is a much better description. i hope you enjoy this as much as i do.

• Brownbird Rudy Relic - Stranger Here Blues

(also, Brownbird Rudy Relic is playing at pete's candy store on tuesday january 3rd with I'll Be John Brown. Brownbird goes on at 10pm. do yourself a favor and swing by for a warm initmate little show on a cold january night.)

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(yes, that is a gun filled with vodka)

happy new year. in the few hours that i was actually awake i saw a huge pentagram on the floor in a basement with candles strategically placed around, gave a drunk girl a piggy-back ride to her apartment, and saw more than one person pour/spill a significant amount of alcohol in their eyes. and so here's to a good 2006.



it's about being alone on new year's eve.

• Belasana - Bittersweet Eve

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