oh holy night. something quite unsettling is brewing. damnation has its virtues. its the truth. there are no lies. fingers are being pointed (index. middle. etc.). names are being dropped. the time has come. men in plaid shirts and ladies draped in beads and sporting decorative headbands make the back street journey. a pilgrimage of sorts. like a herd of casually image conscious zombies they march with premonitions of a foot stompin goodtime. its tuesday. what the fuck are you doing? your maker wears a stetson hat. there are blood stains on his boots. the swollen veins of his tattooed forearms are blessed with straight whiskey. the man has eight balls for eyes. this fucker shits roses (for real!). his church is modest in presentation. the alter is well lit. the bar is well stocked. the disciples sit. mingle. act natural. hard smiles and suggestive glances are traded over firm handshakes and one armed embraces. anticipation is a bitch. all eyes are on the choir. lumberjacks. cowboys. grifters. pirates. hobos. sailors. gamblers. outlaws. ramblers. the cast has a tight scope. these are bad people. their intentions are straight. their hearts are cold. their hands set the course. their throats invite the trouble. their tongues welcome the fiasco. their lips greet the chaos. a shit storm has never sounded so good.

ladies and gentlemen.
get comfortable.
this is it.

G or L train to metropolitan/lorimer.

O'DEATH. 11pm.



miss leah perky tits will be celebrating her twenty fourth birthday.
buy her hugs and give her drinks.
papa rattlesnake will be here in spirit as he turns sixty one.
give me drinks and buy me sluts.

i am so excited to see you tonight.
comfortably yours.

-g.d. rattlesnake



sucka has been nagging me to post some of this. this being a certain mr. townes van zandt. he has come and gone and you did not even notice. one of (and quite possibly) the greatest song writers of the last forever. my first exposure to him was in the coutry music documentary 'heartworn highways'. after giving us a very drunk and well armed tour of his estate (farm.) he proceeds to make an 85 year old blacksmith cry with a heartbreaking rendition of his classic 'waiting around to die.' his lyrics are comfortable. understandable. relative. damn near perfect. i want to write a townes van zandt song.

• Townes Van Zandt - To Live Is To Fly.

• Townes Van Zandt - Be Here To Love Me.

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(Gideon Oliver of The National Lawyers Guild being interviewed)

so Critical Mass was an odd one last night. the cops were in full form, helicopters, mad-dash pursuits, lying in wait, the usual shenanigans. except this time they weren't arresting people (although i did hear of a couple). this time they were handing out $200 summonses, plus 1 point against your license. mostly for running red lights, although apparently they would give you one even if you didn't, it just depended on whether or not they could catch you. it is definitely a sign of de-escalation, but perhaps a double-sided one. you no longer have to go spend your friday evening and saturday morning in the tombs. . . but now you're saddled with a $200 fine and marks against your driving record. and that's just on a first offense, next time you ride and get a ticket the fine is much larger. sort of making Critical Mass something only the very wealthy can afford. and i could be wrong, but that doesn't really seem to be the ecomonic bracket most riders are coming from.

in my last post i included some links to a recent article by the New York Times about the reckless police tactics used during Critical Mass. apparently a lot of people missed it, buried under the beheamoth of the Brooklyn Industries controversy. so i'm going to repost it here, just in case. . .

"and relatedly, The New York Times reports "Police Chase Cyclists". there's a pretty interesting video here with some great footage of thugs-in-action at various Critical Mass rides. admittedly the article warrants a bit of a "duh, where ya been?" response. but if you don't live and ride in nyc, there is a good chance that this NY Times coverage is the first you've heard of the tactics employed by the nypd. the real questions is when are we going to find out how many thousands of tax-payers dollars have been wasted on this montly cat-n-mouse game? so if you don't like what you see happening, please let them know. to learn more and support the Critical Mass rider's legal defense at Bicycle Defense Fund. tonight is february's Critical Mass, should be interesting to see what goes down.

here's another lil' film made at Black Label's Bike Kill III. courtesy of The Dirty Jersey Choppers."

and if anyone is feeling feisty, you may want to go check out the comments on the last post. apparently i'm a phony and we need to attack car dealerships. but i'll let you read it for yourself.



been seeing this make the rounds lately. it's lovely. a bit of twangy 50s surf guitar to start up, vocals that seem reminiscent of Gris Gris (but with less low-fi), Tapes N Tapes get you tappin' your foot and bobbin' your head right darn quick.

• Tapes 'N Tapes - Insistor

look ma! i got myspaced!

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(bike culture not 4 sale)

so Brooklyn Industries recently started displaying custom tall bikes in their store windows. the bikes are coupled with t-shirts depicting bicycle gears and biking slogans. they are made by one man who apparently collaborated with Brooklyn Industries to put the bikes in their stores throughout nyc. and they are also donating $2 from the sale of their large and medium messenger bags to Recycle-A-Bicycle. However, there has been some dissent about the blatant commercialization of this particular (and rather anti-commercial) subculture. a lot of the arguments seem to stem from the fact that the bikes are merely props to gain street-cred for Brooklyn Industries. I'll let Stache from Black Label Bicycle Club state his mind from a recent comment left on Bike Blog.


Black Label had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with putting tallbikes in store windows. Black Label would never commodify bike culture. In every event we have held or participated in, Black Label has encouraged the re-use of discarded goods. We have never sold a custom bicycle, nor will we ever. Instead we have openly shared design techniques, held welding workshops, and thrown kick-ass events for everyone, for free.

In everything we do we try to encourage active participation and the support of DIY ideas. These window displays are selling those principles without the actual work.

Its great that recycle a bicycle is getting donations. But why not show FUNCTIONING bikes that were recycled by kids and now are for sale? it would be great if the store fronts were turned into sales points for worked on bikes. INSTEAD, we have huge NON-WORKING bikes which probably will not be recycled when the displays get changed.

Reuse the excesses of society. Do It Yourself. Ride Safe.

-james stache, blbc ny


i have contacted Brooklyn Industries several times requesting some information about the tall bikes, but have been unable to get a response. i had hoped to hear directly from them about their intentions with this, but it would seem that they are simply riding over another subculture while trying to hock their new line of stuff. just recently people have reported that the windows of several Brooklyn Industries stores were tagged with some rather unflattering sentiments in acid-etch.

it's a shame really, since Brooklyn Industries has the advantage of being small enough and local enough to not make the same detached mistakes as multi-conglomerates like nike. but to do that does require a little bit of effort, and tossing a couple bucks toward Recycle-A-Bicycle hardly seems to make up for exploiting the recent boom and trendiness of bicycling.

each and every biker that heads out on the street everyday is a small victory. . . each one is a part-n-parcel of the whole. . . each cyclist is a comrade to everyone else who also chooses to deal with dangerous and reckless traffic (especially in a city that has overtly demonstrated it's indifference to the safety and general rights of cyclists). . . each rider on the road makes the city a slightly better place to ride by risking their own safety and increasing driver awareness. encouraging cycling is in everyone's best interest. but that doesn't excuse blatant commodification of something that has come to symbolize part of the growing anti-consumerist sentiment. i think if Brooklyn Industries had put more thought and effort into this, it could have come off a lot better. they could have offered bike building workshops, donated more than a couple bucks to Recycle-A-Bicycle (it's 3% per bag pre-tax, in case you're curious), showcased bicycles built by the kids being taught at Recycle-A-Bicycle (even if they weren't ultra-cool tall bikes), etc. support it, don't just use it. . . ah, but that's not the way commerce works, now is it?
*UDPATE: so i went by the bedford ave store in williamsburg today (friday). the tall bikes have been removed. i spoke with someone who popped out of a parked suv while i was taking photos of the window. he pretty much reiterated what is on their website, how they are donating $2 to Recycle-A-Bicycle. When asked about the vandalism, his response was "Some people don't understand."
*UPDATE #2: Brooklyn Industries has posted a statement about this issue on their website. go check it out.

and relatedly, The New York Times reports "Police Chase Cyclists". there's a pretty interesting video here with some great footage of thugs-in-action at various Critical Mass rides. admittedly the article warrants a bit of a "duh, where ya been?" response. but if you don't live and ride in nyc, there is a good chance that this NY Times coverage is the first you've heard of the tactics employed by the nypd. the real questions is when are we going to find out how many thousands of tax-payers dollars have been wasted on this montly cat-n-mouse game? so if you don't like what you see happening, please let them know. to learn more and support the Critical Mass rider's legal defense at Bicycle Defense Fund. tonight is february's Critical Mass, should be interesting to see what goes down.

here's another lil' film made at Black Label's Bike Kill III. courtesy of The Dirty Jersey Choppers.



for this one, i am going to lay out a challenge. . . identify this mystery song. i don't know if this will turn out to be as difficult as i think it might, but we will see. leave your guesses in the comments.

• ? - Track 5

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(you can also see more of these photos from a recent Rated X party here. and again, 18+ folks.)

so not to drop the ball entirely, i've got word of a great loft show to cement your weekend around. from Jawn of Aa. . .


whoaa saturday night is the night for fun!!! this is going to be one
of those sweaty crazy +++ Brooklyn loft shows for which our fine
borough is known far and wide, brought to you like you like it by
Todd P, don't even act like you're surprised!! Weird War = living
legend icon type guy Ian Svenious! and "Hi-Five Space" is that same
loft we played for Sean's last show with Quintron etc a couple months
ago, insanity

Saturday February 25th @ "HI-FIVE SPACE", 538 Johnson Ave @ Varick
Ave/ L to Morgan
$8, show'll probably start at 9:30-10ish w/Professor Murder

:: Weird War ------------> x Nation of Ulysses, Make-Up, Cupid Car Club
:::: Aa / BIG A little a
:::::: Meneguar
:::::::: Professor Murder

let's make some memories! together!

stay hungry!


you may recall that i posted some Professor Murder previously, AND there was that Aa video. and it's a loft show (= fun). don't blow this one like i did when i missed the Black Lips last weekend. don't be a me.



how 'bout some lounge metal? it's feeling like that kind of day to me. here's something from swedish act Hellsongs, a delicate cover of the classic Judas Priest anthem. . . done through a cute-n-clean swedish filter. i'm pretty sure they're all blonde too.

• Hellsongs - Breaking The Law

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(i used to know this girl. she wanted to be a veterinarian.)

one time when i was visiting my grandparents, i said i was bored (granted i was 11 or something at the time). they didn't speak to us for over 10 years. . . and now i am finally starting to understand.

i was going to list some events, but it feels kind of pointless now that there's my open bar .com. so if you're looking for feats of booze and good-lookin' folks, go check it out. i really need to just stay home and clean. i still haven't unpacked from moving back in this summer. . . or from moving 2 years ago actually. look, i've been busy! okay? just lay off, damn. and on that note, i'm thinking about having a "free day" in my backyard as soon as the weather breaks. everyone comes, brings stuff they don't want, and takes whatever else they do want. i know this is done occassionally in the politic-punk scene, but i'm lazy and don't know how to get all my stuff to those locations. so instead it's on my turf. oh, and it'll be a bbq too, hopefully.

and head's up for you people that plan ahead. next tuesday, Pete's Candy Store in brooklyn, O' Death, Lonesome Doves(?), and The Goddamn Rattlesnake. It will make you cry you'll be so happy. I'll try and get Rattlesnake to drop some of his signature, frequently-punctuated promotion on here. but i can't bug him too much cause then he'll just stay in his little room all the time listening to sappy emo. and we wouldn't want that, now would we?



holy wow i like this band, can't wait for their next album. maybe someday i'll get around to finding/editing the images i shot of them in brazil.

• The Kills - Monkey 23

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(it's photo-dump time. . . enjoy this random assortment of images from nyc.)

i was just reading the blog article in New York magazine (someone tossed it at me at a bar after they spilled their drink on it). i had no idea you could make millions doing this. i also had no idea that 30,000 hits a day was considered modest, comparatively speaking. man that would be amazing, to make my living doing this thing. but if that brief $.25-a-week google income was any indicator, i don't see that happening anytime soon.

oh and thanks to Johnny Cashs Ashes for sponsoring my g-rated events flickr account everyday i live. very much appreciated.

oh and can i just say that this country's religious whackos can really impress me with how far they will shamelessly go. damn wow. and inversely, the Patriot Guard Bikers impress me too. i like it when i can agree with something overtly patriotic. wish it could happen more often.



okay, so i don't usually go for this band. too soft. but somehow i ended up with this album of remixes (thanks to Jodi, i believe). and now whenever this song comes on, i do a double-take at the lyrics about halfway through. kinda dirty for such soft, neutered vocals. so i think that warrants a post.

• Her Space Holiday - Japanese Gum (Dntel Remix)

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so Sucka's been sick and with broken internet. not a good combo. and Time-Warner's response to my complaint about busted internet? "we'll send someone over to look at it. . . in one to two weeks." screw that, i'll have fixed it myself by then.

however, it is not in vain that i have worn myself out to the point of misery. some parties have been had, some photos have been taken, some skin has been shown. this would be a good example.

oh and that crazy pillow fight happened at union square on saturday. check out the photos. i took at least a dozen flying-elbows-to-the-face for those pictures. so you better like 'em.



in my interest of arbitrariness, i decided to post the first song that played on my ipod today. and fortunately for you it was by Nouvelle Vague. the track was "Guns Of Brixton," originally by The Clash. but i also love their laid-back playful version of the Dead Kennedy's "Too Drunk To Fuck." so i had to post that one too. these tracks come from the first album from Nouvelle Vague, a collection of post-punk cover songs done bossa-nova style. this is probably all old news to you music folk, but damn if i care. enjoy.

• Nouvelle Vague - The Guns Of Brixton

• Nouvelle Vague - Too Drunk Too Fuck

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(miss this guy yet? he almost looks civilized there.)

so a friend of mine works as a tattoo artist down in portland. she recently told a story about how this guy came into her shop with nipples tattooed on his ass-cheeks. yeah. that's right. well the reason that he came in to the shop was to get them pierced. the nipples. the ones on his ass. yes. i know. yep. i was in disbelief too, that is until she sent a photo. yeah. no it's real. it looks like Zipco might finally have a little bit of competition around here. bums everywhere are busting out their bunny suits.



the Two Gallants are great, i've posted about them before. well they have a new album coming out, and judging by this it's going to be in for some seriously heavy rotation on our little kitchen boombox. do yourself a favor and move on this before you have to follow all those boring trendy sitcoms desperately grasping to find some shred of real sentiment in their vapid plastic disposable worlds.

• Two Gallants - Las Cruces Jail

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so i went to see the new William Eggleston film, "Stranded In Canton" last night. it was pretty amazing, although the bobbly camera work gave me some serious motion sickness (my achilles heel). his friends were some crazy f*ckers back then ('72-'73). . . quaaludes, trannies, gun-play, lecherous old men, biting heads off of chickens, and amazing live blues performances. he did a brief q & a afterwards which was funny cause the man just doesn't say much. it was pretty great overall, although i might have enjoyed it better if i wasn't trying to keep my stomach from ending up on the floor the whole time. eh, whatever. i'm a pussy.

also, the verdict is in on the nypd VS Critical Mass appeal. . . CM = 2, NYPD = 0. read more about it here (article from the NY Times). oh, and here (Village Voice), and here (NY1). wow. i guess not everyone in a position of power has lost their head after all. hell yeah. where would we be without you, Gideon?



well the long-awaited new album from Casiotone For The Painfully Alone has finally leaked. and what should we find on the b-side, but a cover of one of my favorite songs to hear covered. CFTPA has a truly unique sound. . . a lost, tragic sentiment spun by a solo man and his keyboard. admittedly not a sound for everyone. but for those of us that have seen the road ahead drop off so steeply that it becomes a sheer cliff, there is something comforting here. and what better song to mix this all up with than Prince's "When You Were Mine?" yee-haw.

• Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - When You Were Mine

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so i spent a good part of my valentine's day shooting at White Castle (yes, the burger joint). they did this thing where they had a special candle-lit, reservations-only dinner. with decorations, mood music, and table service. . . all from the regular menu of course. i shot it and interviewed people about it. the point of this all being that it was one of the nicest experiences i've had in nyc. everyone was so friendly and pleasent, and one couple even got engaged over cheeseburger sliders. it was straight up surreal. and when i walked back outside, the reality of nyc hit me in the face like a bucket of ice water. bizarre. oh and some of the pics are here.



i like this song. perfect for late sunday morning walks home.

• Neulander - Smoke + Fire

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it's that time of year again, time to get sleazy for V-day. this year you are fortunate enough to have Stache and Shit Hammered bringing it to you opened up and ready to go. a slow-dance theme. . . complete with a bed on the dancefloor and a "7 minutes of heaven" room. come get all that action you fantasized about back in junior high.


SHIT HAMMERED the weekly party,
Tuesday Feb. 14th- Valentines Day Party
Free Vodka Drinks 10.30-11.30

Host / DJ- Darryl-Dane Nau
Resident DJ- Bastard (NC-17)
Guest DJ Stachemaster (BLBC)

2 Floors of Partying- Spencer Product's WE BITE downstairs.

Happy Ending
302 Broome St. (Between Forsythe and Eldridge)




and here's some Free Blood, one of the bastard off-spring of !!!. less frantic, more sleazy. almost makes it seem okay for that dude to be groping you from behind while he's "dancing." cause it's dirty, that's why.

• Free Blood - Never Hear Surf Music

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so some of you may or may not know that i grew up in ohio, in the western suburbs of cleveland. one of my closest friends was, and still is, Danny Noonan. we went to high school together, where i watched him amuse himself by manipulating the entire population of our high based solely on the predictability of their tendency to bully those they didn't understand. it was pretty amazing. he could get people to say and do the dumbest things, just because they wanted to make him feel bad in some way. anyway, i'm getting off topic. Danny also happened to be one of my favorite writers, he did the only zine that i still have all the copies of. recently i received a copy of a different zine in the mail that is a collection of short stories about night walking, "Night Jaunts #3." and lucky for me, Danny was in there as well. he wrote a piece about when he lived at and ran Speak In Tongues, the legendary (in my mind, at least) punk venue on the west side of cleveland. some of my fondest memories and favorite shows happened at that beat store front space. in fact, a photo i took in the basement of Danny ended up on the cover of a book recently. admittedly, this story resonates more with me since i know the places he writes about and have my own memories and associations, but that won't stop me from sharing it. the point being that Speak In Tongues was a great place and provided me with a lot to be happy about, so pretty much anything about that place makes me nice and nostalgic. . . oh to be back when you just didn't know, and just didn't care.


A while ago some of my friends and I had a great place for doing shows. Some of the best things about it had nothing to do with us, but rather the neighborhood we were in. We were one street away from the highway. Only a band who has been on a tour and had been late for a show with vague directions in a shady part of town would truly understand the beauty of this. There was also a twenty four hour greasy spoon within walking distance. Most importantly, directly across the street from our place was a twenty four-hour gas station that sold beer at state minimum prices.

That neighborhood was interesting at that time. Slowly being gentrified. However no matter how many first time home buyers were purchasing great little fixer uppers, nothing was changing the amount of hookers, homeless shelters and soup kitchens that were around. And then there was us. A skuzzy group of punk kids trying to have DIY shows. We were kind of known in the neighborhood. Especially the guys at the gas station across the street. Sometimes if a Friday and a Saturday went by and we didn’t have a show the guys at the gas station would say stuff like “What? No parties.” We talked about how we were against the yuppies and had a good time laughing at them. That however, didn’t change the fact that we were white. And when it comes to gentrification some people only see things in black and white. We spent as much money on fifty cent cups of coffee at the gas station as we did buying cups of coffee at that quaint little café that now offers free wireless. We were different though. Really. Even if we couldn’t dole out some spare change to the bums, we could give them a cigarette and maybe even a can of beer. If we were doing a show at our house our door was always open, except to this one guy named Straight Jacket. He was just a fuckin’ dick head and he could get a little scary when he was drunk. Let’s not forget he was a big racist. I don’t think I will ever forget that time, it wasn’t even a show, just my roommates having band practice, and the bass drum had a “Free Mumia” sticker on it and he flipped out because he “…hated those nigras in prison…” Then there was Blade who was on the other end of the spectrum. Sure he bummed cash, smokes and beer, but he would also show up with giant bags of donuts or frozen chicken to give us. More than once (in less than a year) he showed up with a twelve pack of beer and declared it was his birthday and wanted to finish it. Then there was Gary. Gary showed up to almost every show. Nobody could understand what he was saying yet everyone could figure out he wanted a beer. I’d also see him around the neighborhood and still couldn’t figure out what he wanted to say. After I got a job at a coffee shop in the court house I saw Gary more often. Poor fucker always had a ticket to pay.

I quit that coffee shop and we were evicted from the house. I found another coffee shop and some other kids found a mansion on the other side of town were they could have shows in there basement. I think besides the people who lived there, I was the most excited about the place. For the first time in years I could get drunk and not have to worry about doing sound or paying bands. I could come late or leave early. Fuck, I could do both. I could go on a drug run if I so pleased and instead of relying on the other people I could take my own walks to the store.
On those walks I didn’t have to worry about things like what time I should start the show? What order would be fair to the bands? Was it ok that I didn’t charge the girl I had a crush on but charge her friend? And for fucks sake would it be unethical to take out the money I used to buy the bands beer from of the door money?

No, no, not anymore. I could spend time thinking about things like should I do drugs tonight? (Maybe I shouldn’t. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a Saturday morning instead of a long Friday night.) And shit, let’s not forget about the art of good old bullshitting with your friends. Ah yes I was happy to be a paying customer.

The walk from this new house venue to the new 24 hour gas station was different than back at my place. It was longer (a plus-more time to bullshit with friends, a minus-harder to get said friends to go) and I don’t think the gas station was as good. It could have been that it wasn’t as familiar as the other one, or that they had a smaller beer selection. And the beer wasn’t offered at state minimum prices like the one by the old place. If you have ever felt the feeling of stupidity and slight embarrassment that accompanies spending hard earned money on a six pack of 16 oz. Miller High Life cans, imagine doing that knowing that you are spending a full eighty nine cents more than the state government forces the retailer to charge you. Now, it may have only been me but it seemed like anytime I took that trip with someone who had been to shows at my old place and purchased beer at the old gas station the walk back was a little quieter than the walk there. Maybe it was because we knew we would both be twenty nine cents richer if we had bought our cans of Steel Reserve at the old gas station, one hundred twenty three blocks away. But that’s the past. One should never compare old places and new places. Apples and oranges and all that. Back to the story, back to walking down Euclid Ave in Cleveland, Ohio. Walking back to the show I saw something I just wasn’t expecting. Gary. He was on the wrong side of town, and by a lot. I didn’t even say hello, I just said

“What are You doing here?”

“Ah duhn nuwh. Ah’m jest tying ta git ome. Yu gt a dolla?”

I did and gave it to him knowing full well that the dollar would put him closer to the court house than his house.

That was a while ago though. Nowadays that house isn’t having shows anymore. They evicted themselves and all moved out and moved on. And here I am. Waiting for the next group of kids to find some sort of place to have shows for me to go to. This time when I go to the store to get beer, I won’t be surprised if I see Gary. I’ll have a dollar waiting for him.




damn this made me happy. i had seen Dead Man Street Orchestra a few times before when they passed through nyc last summer. you may remember seeing photos of them here, and a video of them performing this song. i was entranced with their spooky and tragic take on a usually sunny childrens' song (which was my mom's favorite to sing, incidentally). well, thank you to whoever posted this on myspace, you made my day.

• Dead Man Street Orchestra - You Are My Sunshine

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so for those of you that missed my little fifteen minutes of fame at the Apple store yesterday, let me fill you in. after my 8 minute presentation on my work and talking about why i shoot what i do in nyc, i opened up the floor to a little q & a. . . and was met with nothing but the sound of quietly chirping crickets (which i pretty impressive considering how loud that Apple store usually is). so yeah, uh, well at least someone eventually asked what equipment i use. that was nice of them. next time i'm only showing photos of puppies and kittens dressed up in costumes. damn.



wow. The Gossip just covered The Ramones. it just keeps getting better around here.

• The Gossip - Here Today Gone Tomorrow

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so in the random way things happen sometimes. . . i'll be speaking about my work with other photographers/photobloggers at the Apple store in soho today (friday). details here. oh, and my mom will be there too.

tomorrow night is a great little punk show for a really great cause, brave the snow and come hang out with kids that count.


Come celebrate Daniel McGowan's release!

Even though he's out on bail he still needs YOUR SUPPORT!

So on...



(258 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn- Take the L to Montrose, Walk down Bushwick,left on Johnson, a block and a half and it's on the right, look up and you'll see the big asterisk *)

$5-$15 sliding scale

...dance yer ass off to the mighty mighty sounds of

Old-timey punk from CT

Pop punk from Brooklyn

3 punks, no facial tats, really good


Folk punk, duh.

And if you ain't finished rocking your socks off after the show...


There will be yummy vegan food and sweets, as well awesome t-shirts in support of Daniel for sale!


Daniel McGowan is an environmental and social justice activist, unjustly arrested and charged in federal court on multiple counts of arson, property destruction, and conspiracy, relating to two incidents that occurred in Oregon in 2001. Daniel asserts his innocence by pleading not guilty to all charges. He is facing a minimum of life in prison if convicted.

Daniel is from New York, and has been an active member of the community, working on diverse projects such as the demonstrations against the Republican National Convention, Really Really Free Markets, and supporting political prisoners such as Jeff "Free" Luers and others. Daniel is a graduate student earning a Master's degree in acupuncture and is working at Women's Law, a nonprofit group that helps women in domestic abuse situations navigate the legal system, which is where he was arrested by federal marshals on December 7th, 2005.

Daniel had originally been indicted separately, but his arrest comes in the context of a well-coordinated, multi-state sweep of numerous activists by the federal government, which has charged the individuals with practically every earth and animal liberation case left unsolved. Many of the charges, including Daniel's, are for cases whose statute of limitations were about to expire.

In order to help Daniel, his family and friends have created a support network (Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan) to help fund Daniels legal representation, as well as to raise awareness about his case and make sure that he is emotionally supported throughout this process.

Daniel was released on bail on January 25th, and is coming back to NYC. Despite his being on house arrest, his friends and family are thrilled that they can once again be with him and that he is not in jail. However, he still needs tons of support!

Please come celebrate his release and show your support for him. Donations are kindly accepted at the door and inside the show for his legal defense costs.




more covers for your weekend listening. . . Melt Banana does Queen as only they can.

• Melt Banana - We Will Rock You

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(photo by ?)

well you can't blame me for being tardy on this one, i JUST got the email tonight. Mr. Brad Downey is speaking about his unique brand of street sculpture and screening his documentary on nyc street art, "Public Discourse" at Pratt Institute tonight (thursday). the film is great, i included it in the street art show that i curated, "Street Magic" (which will be showing in chicago this summer). if you haven't seen the film, definitely go. even my super-midwestern mom dug it.


Pratt Institute presents Brad Downey

A presentation of his work including a screening of Public Discourse.
Thursday, February 9th, 7 pm.
Student Union, Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

For directions, click here.




so one thing i really enjoy is featuring unknown but great musicians. and this would pretty much be the epitome of that. Hang The Lights is the solo project of Josh from One Ring Zero. both bands come from the new "gypsy-rock" movement (think Gogol Bordello). whereas Bordello might lean more to the side of raucous foot-stomping and table dancing, One Ring Zero and Hang The Lights tend more toward the orchestral and melodic side of things. The first track is a veritable sea chantey. . . a somber tale, buoyed by the sound of an accordion and tinged with the briny taste of the depths below. how can you not like that? the second track is a bit more mellow, with tinges of country-esque flavor. give them both a listen and please leave some feedback, i think both Josh and i would appreciate it.

• Hang The Lights - Raise A Glass To Margo

• Hang The Lights - Haze And Hollow

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so i finally got around to updating the "who's who" section of everyday i live. added some 200+ photos, so go check out your new mug shots and laugh at your friends.

also have found myself totally sucked into this article about Native Americans by The New York Press. thanks to Brooklyn Ski Club for the tip. definitely worth a read.



i had written about Soft Circle in a recent post. well now i finally have a song for you guys. this isn't the best example of the intense force that Hisham can deliver, it's a rather tame track comparatively. but it's still really good, so give it a taste to get the juices flowing.

• Soft Circle - Ascend

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does anyone else out there avoid the bike lane on 5th ave like the plague? it's so much more dangerous to ride in due to the constant swerving into traffic to avoid the 20 + double-parked cars in a span of three blocks. not to mention some juicy dooring potential. i've been taking the other side lately and it seems a lot safer, except for having to deal with cabs constantly cutting you off while turning right. but eh, that's to be expected.

and i must say that i greatly appreciate Bike Blog keeping on top of all things worthwhile and bike-related, it saves me the trouble. so drop by and check out the recent article in The Villager about the last Critical Mass ride. it's a bit more in-depth than the Village Voice one.

i'm too burned out to come up with anything all that exciting. so i'm just going to post about friday's party. maybe it's not a bad idea to mention events more than one day before they happen, huh?

*UPDATE: party cancelled. . . The Wreck Room dicks another one over.


RECREATION (Rides again!!!)
@ WreckRoom
up on it
up in it
all around it
(and a possible suprise)

Thank You,
The Managment




so The Gossip came out with a new album, and i am damn happy about it. one of those bands i have tried to see many times, and always failed. although the past three years have been a bit quiet for them. i've always been a fan, but i have to say the new album blows their other efforts right into the back catalog. sometimes nothing pleases the ears better than a great example of the genuine article.

• The Gossip - Listen Up

• The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control

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sorry about the downer on the last post. just something i had to get off my chest.

so to cheer you all up, here's a video of Critical Mass cruising through a tunnel in manhattan, back before the current police-state crackdown. ahh, the good ol' days. . .



so i'm going to do something i generally try to avoid, and that is hijacking a song off another site and posting it. but with this one, i just can't help myself. coming to you from WFMU's Beware Of The Blog, here's a strang little collaboration. . . Neil Young and Devo. no shit. oh, and the crazy guitar noodling at the end is courtesy of Mr. Young, apparently.

• Devo and Neil Young - Hey Hey My My

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we all know corporations are evil. and by evil, i mean selfish to the point of knowingly putting their consumers and other individuals at risk with their products. in this particular instance, i am referring to automakers. it has long been known (by anyone with any spatial perceptions whatsoever) that giant suvs to not match up with smaller cars during collisions. especially in head-on crashes. typically what happens is that the larger vehicle actually rides up over the front of the smaller car, smashing into the windshield. automakers have staunchly argued that this is not the case, and that the current designs of both cars are "compatible" during collisions. well, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has FINALLY stood up to the automakers and released this report detailing the extremely dangerous situation that exists for all drivers not thundering around in ridiculous suvs.

you may wonder as to why i am writing about this particular issue. well, two years ago this month, my 18 year old cousin was killed in a head-on collision with an suv. she died because the larger vehicle rode up over the front end of her sedan and crashed through the windshield. the driver of the suv did not suffer any injuries at all.

i hate wearing suits, but i especially hate wearing a suit while carrying the coffin at the funeral for a wonderful little girl i grew up with for 18 years. she was so full of energy and life that it would almost get annoying at times. i've really missed being annoyed at thanksgiving these past couple years.

so to all the automakers, and those in charge of other harmful corporate entities (tobacco, firearms, etc), who are too selfish to concern themselves with what their carelessness does to the people that trust them and their products. . . i hope you all die slow painful deaths. that's all.



Beth loved Papa M. Our last discussion was about him actually.

• Papa M - The Unquiet Grave (live)

• Papa M - Over Jordan

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so late notice, but if you're looking for something to do tonight. . . i highly recommend these two events, which fit together well if you're in the mood for a full evening.

"You Love Life" by Nick Waplington - booklaunch
In concurrence with the exhibition "Sit Up Straight, Eat From The Plate, Vegetables Meat, Pudding For A Treat," (Nick Walpington's first solo exhibition in six years). "You Love Life" is a limited edition of 1000 copies. The author will be present.
Roebling Hall, 606 W. 26th St., 6-8pm.

and one of my favorite live acts in nyc, Soft Circle (Hisham from Black Dice/Lightning Bolt) kills it at the Cake Shop. for those unfamiliar with Soft Circle, imagine Black Dice at their peak. . . post noise-and-fight-with-audience stage, and before the current whale-songs phase. that beautiful point with the heavy layered distortion, screamy looped vocals, and the intense spine-grabbing drumming to hold it all together and ram it in your head. well that's pretty much Soft Circle, crazy thing being that it's all done by one man, simultaneously. Hisham plays a full drum kit, guitar, sings, and distorts it all at the same time. mind-blowing and intense. . . you would be a fool to miss this guy.


9:00pm G Lucas Crane Vs Non-Horse

9:45pm Lexie Mountain

10:30pm Sandcats -----> Ryjan aka CEX & Robby from MILEMARKER

11:15pm Soft Circle ----------> Hisham Bharoocha, x Black Dice, Lightning Bolt

152 Ludlow St @ Rivington | Lower East Side, Manhattan
F-Delancey, JMZ-Essex | 8pm | $7 | 212.253.0036



i don't have any Soft Circle to post for you guys. but i do have some Black Octopus Lipstick Project. not the same thing by any means, but still really good. this track is from a collaborative remix album, with Octopus Project remixing tracks from Black Lipstick. hence the band name. get sexy with it, or something. yeah. . . damn i need some coffee.

• Black Octopus Lipstick Project - Haute Sinners

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(bon voyage to Matt & Kim as they head off for a three month tour to take over the world. don't miss them!)

this saturday The Empty Vessel Project is hosting a little shindig down in gowanus. The EVP is an old navy boat that was saved from being scrapped and is in the process of being fixed up and turned into an arts and community space. but to do that, money is needed. lots of it. so come drop your five bucks to hang out, drink booze, and listen to music. it's as close as you can get to supporting pirates in your neighborhood.

A Musical Showcase with Cameron Hull and Erica Freas
An evening of tunes with fabulous musical guests and cheap wine in a beautiful Gowanus space.
8pm, $5, cheap bar
at Proteus Gowanus Interdisciplinary Gallery & Reading Room
543 Union at Nevins, Brooklyn



this is one of those bands i was kind of slow to taking in due to all the internet hype that was swirling around them as of late. most people think that's a good thing, but i find it to be a bit problematic. a LOT of mediocre bands are getting their "next big thing" stamp so quickly and easily that it's become rather treacherous to follow the leads. so i took my time getting around to giving Say Hi To Your Mom a serious listen. which ultimately turned out to be my loss. really solid song-making, i must say. distinct enough to set themselves apart, and yet catchy and poppy enough to keep their songs rolling in your head when you're trying to go to sleep. if you dug the last Spoonalbum, you're probably gonna fall in love with these guys. and i will mention that if you do like it, definitely go seek out their other album tracks,they're less melancholy than "Good Ghost" and are just as solid.
* Say Hi To Your Mom plays at Mercury Lounge on saturday with The King Of France and some band called Flemming headlining. SHTYM goes on at 10:30.

• Say Hi To Your Mom - I Think I'll Be A Good Ghost

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