(I Love You at Stitch last week, a lot of fun)

in the past two days i have:
- seen a firefighter in full gear (minus the helmet) riding a bike past union square.
- watched a gang of guys in such cooler-than-thou duds that they looked like costumes taking tons of photos of the graffiti on the corner of spring and bowery.
- had to dodge at least half-a-dozen pedestrians strolling in the bike lane on 5th ave. double-parked cars nothing, it was the dudes in suits walking in the street that kept pushing me out into traffic.
- got a call from a friend who was outside my apartment to come down and help her take care of an injured bird while she took photos. it is nearly impossible to find any grass in my neighborhood.
- was told that my photography is "disgusting and repellent" (or something close to that), and that i shouldn't "glorify violence and self-destructiveness." well there won't be much for me to shoot at Slaughterama 3 if i take this advice, so i'll probably ignore it.

oh yeah, i'm going to be m.i.a. for a bit while in richmond for the Slaughterama 3. The Rattlesnake is playing with wonder boys O' Death and Sh-Sh-Sh-Shark Attack! on friday at 322 Troutman St. in bushwick. it's a loft party thing. he should post about it, promote himself, that sort of thing. but in case he doesn't, i just told you.



and another of the SXSW gems. Man Man are many men, all dressed in white, most with white face paint. They dance, they jump, they whimper, they wail, they pound, they pounce, they ramble, they rumble. there is a flavoring that reminds me of the Gogol Bordello school of gypsy-rock, but i don't think it extends much beyond a taste. and besides, i'm a sucker for multiple vocalists.

• Man Man - Van Helsing Boombox

• Man Man - Engwish Bwudd

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Slaughterama 3 is upon us. Prepare yourselves for the carnage to come. . . and some bike riding, drinking, dancing, and general partying along with it. brought to you by your friendly (but not so local) Cutthroats. it's all about the richmond.



Friday March 31:
All Slaughter's Eve Scavenger Hunt
5PM Holly St Park / FREE
Off the chain! If you raced Ides of March, think of that times 5. Less racing and a little more sweet shit. Be prepared to have an awesome time doing crazy things on two wheels. This is NOT a dude fest. This is for everyone. Ends at the Hollywood Grill at 8PM for the Oregon Hill Art Show.

10PM at AlleyKatz is the Waste show. Winning team for the scavenger hunt gets in free. Municipal Waste, FACE DOWN IN SHIT, Baroness, Magruder Grind. See you in the pit.

Saturday APRIL FIRST::::::

This is most easily the best thing that will have happened to you thus far in your life.

People are coming from all over the country to hang out with you.

It's a pretty easy choice. There's nothing on TV anyway.

Black Label NYC, Rat Patrol Chicago, GRCD, Spud Boys, Rainbow Sprinkles Delaware, The Florida Kids, The Horribles, PBR Street Team, ZOOBOMB Portland, Chunk SIX SIX SIX, TEXAS, Loners, Mustache Ridaz, VB,Your Mom ETC. oh and the dudes from Fine Foods. They are so tight.

We got it. Get your team (up to six, duh; but less or more we dont care) for the Six Pack Attack, footdown, Polo, Tall Bike Jousts, EVERYTHING. YOU SHOULD HAVE BICYCLES AND COSTUMES. The jams will be pumped. Carnage will be witnessed. Your weak mind will be blown.

The EMTs and many Videocameras will be there to document your fucked up mug into the tomes of fun history.

PS> If you aren't coming to have fun, then don't bother. Leave the thousand dollar bikes at home. Leave the bad attitude, leave the hangover. Quit Condescending. Remember, we're your friends!

And if that wasn't enough...

There's a party. and you're invited.

Come to the island, we'll tell you where it is.

There's gonna be free beer, and some awesome bands playing.

Show me the pink - PDX crew what!
Death Set - Baltimore
Free Cocaine - Cut Throats house band. (opivybeastieboysdescendentsgorillabiscuits...)

Conrad and James from the BLBC spinning the booty jams til yo' ass drops off.

All night!


If you arent dead or in the hospital by sunday,

There's a BMX Ramp Jam in the west end. Rad is gonna rock the projector. The best Scooter rider in the world will be there (no shit!). BBQ style too!

Other than BFD V this is going to be the one weekend that you and your posse should not miss.

I'll give a dollar to every person that doesn't have a smile on their face by the time the weekend is over.

<3 Cut Throats!




this is one of the aforementioned SXSW discoveries. i came across these guys playing in a parking lot near Fuck By Fuck You. totally drew me in, i changed the direction i was walking and stood there watching them perform. a bizarre combination of grind and electronic melodies. which you wouldn't think you could combine without the grind dominating, and i don't think you can really. instead Genghis Tron does each separately in the same song, with pretty impressive results.

• Genghis Tron - Rock Candy

• Genghis Tron - Arms

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(more pics from the Union Docs show here)

so UFO tagged my shoes at the Japanther and Show Me The Pink show at Union Docs the other night. i had no idea. dude is smooth. now i have eyes in the back of my. . . uh, feet. while we're on topic, check out Japanther's website. there are some pics up from their recent touring.

and this is a little tip of the hat to all my cycling friends who have been hit by cars recently (luckily no one was seriously injured). i hate seeing people i care about and admire with scabs on their arms, legs, faces, whatever. you have this feeling like you should be able to help them, to protect them, to pull some late-night-movie heroism and jump in front of them to block the bullet car. but it doesn't work that way. otherwise i'm sure people like Brandie Bailey would still be with us. it's dangerous out there kids, keep an eye out for yourself and your friends. no one else is going to do it. no one else is going to care.



wow. where do i begin. i love richmond, i love portland, and now i love a band that is the child of people hailing from both. combining the good elements from those two cities is like making a new ice cream flavor that is so good you almost can't take it. or something. anyway, Show Me The Pink is just that. crazy, smart, sassy, dancey, sexy, and unabashedly rolling how they want. the six person setup take turns playing different instruments and freaking with the crowd (including a lead singer who plays keyboard, bass, and trumpet). to top it all off, after their set they become The Sprockettes "precision mini bike dance team." while it's only a small sample of their usual repertoire, it's definitely a lot of fun. if you're smart, you'll go catch these kids at the Cake Shop tonight (tuesday, march 28th). i'm going to see them this weekend in richmond, but you might want to not wait till they're a seven-hour bus ride away. just a thought.

• Show Me The Pink - Most Wanted Boy In The Room

• Show Me The Pink - The Anthem

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(yeah, i think this guy is a lifer)

if all the rats that are living where i keep my bike were to somehow join together like some Voltron business, i think they would outweigh me by a good 50 lbs. and that's kinda unnerving.



i've been a fan of Calla for a really long time, an old roommate of mine turned me on to them. they do an excellent job of creating music with a great texture to it. there were many times in my college days that i would lose myself in "Fear Of Fireflies" and "Don't Hold Your Breath." anyway, here's an excellent remix of their tune "Swagger." happy monday.

• Calla - Swagger (Demolition Remix)

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(SXSW bands: Parts & Labor, Lady Sovereign, DMBQ, Queens Of Noize, Matt & Kim, Von Iva, unknown, Hightower, stickers, An Albatross, batmobile, The Lonesome Doves, Night After Night, auto repair, The Fatal Flying Guillotines, alpaca kiss, Hey Willpower, Parts & Labor)

SXSW recap:
- best band/event/moment/thing = DMBQ smashing their drum kit with a hunk of limestone at the Todd P. showcase.
- worst band/event/moment/thing = MC Trachiotomy.
- most memorable lyric = "shake it till my dick gets racist" - Spank Rock.
- best free thing = the shoes they were out of by the time i got there.
- worst free thing = the ice cream from the Heartschallenger ice cream truck.
- best inside joke = dance dance dance dance don't dance.
- best idea = buying $30 bmx bikes to ride around SXSW as a bike gang.
- worst idea = butter in your coffee.
- best venue = Ms. Bea's a.k.a. The Rambler at the Todd P. showcase.
- worst venue = Zero Degrees.
- best breakfast = Freebird burrito.
- best lunch = Freebird burrito.
- best dinner = Freebird burrito.
- best reason to go to SXSW = the weather.
- most f*cked up thing = Andy Dick punching super-nice-guy (and SXSW employee) Jesse in the face twice because he stopped him from molesting a girl.



so i had previously mentioned that i hadn't come across a recording of Big A little a that i felt did them justice. well that has finally changed with their forthcoming album, gAme. it has a lot of the atmospheric, burgeoning, frantic-drumbeat-based energy that is the hallmark of their live performances. nothing can really compare to dancing yourself into a sweaty mess at one of their shows, but at least now you can enjoy this distinctive music at home in the comfort of chilling in your underwear.

• Big A little a - Manshake

• Big A little a - Thirteen

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(welcome home)

so yeah, i got quoted in the Village Voice article about bicycle gangs (and was deftly ducked by the NY Times coverage of the Brooklyn Industries incident). this happened while i was sickly bobbing along in the Parts & Labor tour van on it's way back from SXSW, so i still haven't seen the actual thing. however my understanding is that it's a main story, with an illustration of an anarchy symbol made out of bike parts on the cover. i could go into the ridiculousness of slapping the "big A" on anything that bucks the mainstream, but i think Mike over at Bike Blog does a much better job here. i am not surprised in the least with the Voice's handling of this. the rule is simple: sensationalize anything to move your product. sadly the motivations behind the Voice and Fox News are really not that far apart. the whole thing has kind of exhausted me really. some people are crying the death of this subculture at the hands of big (or at least kinda big) media. but i think it's hardly the case. this will go the way of most Voice covers, off into the recycle bin. how many Voice covers can you actually remember? and how many really changed the way you live your life? at most, some kids in art school will discover tall bikes and build a few more than might have otherwise existed. that's probably it. we're not talking trucker hats and Britney Spears here, this does not appeal to most people. although if tall bikes became the new hummers, i couldn't be happier.



SXSW kicked my ass. i saw a lot of shows, and even a few good ones. there were some new discoveries that you'll be hearing from in the near future, but for now i have to focus on finding what's left of the life i put on pause before i took off. and so i keep the cover train rollin'. here's a quebecoise band called Dandiwind covering Men Without Hats' "Safety Dance." it's good. and their costumes are bananas too.

• Dandiwind - Safety Dance

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so yeah, i'm in new orleans now. place is still pretty messed up, but subtly so compared to the carnage the media had prepared me for. piles of trash and debris randomly lie in the street, houses are boarded up and in some cases slowly collapsing, and there are a lot of billboards about coming back to new orleans. i've also walked through what seemed to be an impromptu booty dance party on a sidewalk, and overheard two men trading stories about the last time (note: not only time) they were shot. and i've only been here a few hours.

SXSW was pretty crazy. saw a lot of bands, had a lot of fun, got really sick at the end. although i'm not nearly as bad as one guy in our group who got food poisoning (beware the "street meat" my friends). he spent the night crawling around the yard moaning, puking, and passing out in stages. his moans were so loud that a couple of the girls in the house thought some people were having really long drawn-out sex in the yard. if only. i also learned about putting butter in your coffee from the singer of Big Bear. apparently it tastes like a bad gas station cappucino. still not sure why you'd want that though. also had a nice chat with a dapper homeless guy about ethics in journalism.

and in a sad note, i can't say i knew him all that well, but Ian Ross will be missed. i'm reminded of him every time i load and unload the Parts & Labor van, since he built the hand-crafted equipment case in the back of the van. big blue kickball won't be the same without him.



here's a decent live recording of rock-pop group The Vines covering Outkast's "Ms. Jackson," which i am posting simply because i'm headed to atlanta tomorrow. seems appropriate enough.

• The Vines - Ms. Jackson

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yep texas. denton reminds me a lot of that movie "The Last Picture Show" if it was made in the 90s. and arkansas is far from everything. except walmart. oh yeah, and tomorrow i get to play with alpacas. no joke.



how could i be driving through middle america all day everyday and not post a song called "Trucker Speed?" although i wonder if they mean the velocity of 18 wheels, or the stuff you get at truck stops to keep you rolling all through the night. . . in a barely related way, a valedictorian from my high school is now a truck driver.

• The M's - Trucker Speed

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um yeah, on tour. baltimore is always a mix of kind of weird, kind of cool, and pretty damn sketch. did not disappoint this time around. there was a homeless dude who kept kicking his shoe up in the air into an awning and then screaming obscenities at it when it fell back down. i was entertained. now i'm in lexington, KY near where my dad grew up. it's humid and foggy and slow. on the highway we'd come across these huge walls of fog and you could watch the cars ahead of you disappear suddenly as they were absorbed in to the mist. but for now it looks to be a lot of driving and stories about roadie's fucking ostriches until SXSW. my lil' sis is going to be down there too, it's gonna be sweet.



so i can't say that i am a Placebo fan. but this collaboration of sorts with VV (Alison) of The Kills is pretty damn decent. although i think if you removed VV from the equation you wouldn't have found it surfacing here. it's off Placebo's new album, which i can't say i've heard much of. but this song is kinda sexy.

• Placebo - Meds (With VV Of The Kills)

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being too busy to even keep track of eating really sucks. and speaking of really busy, i swung by the Scope Art Fair today to check out some friends. what bit i did get to see before the fire department kicked everybody out of the building looked pretty decent. there was a lot of the flashy more-cool-factor-product-than-art stuff, but then again what else have we come to expect at these art fairs anyway. the space was a lot better than the old hotel room approach too. definitely a good idea to check it out this weekend, and i heard word that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were performing at saturday's afterparty. anyone know anything about this?

oh, and the second leg of the Matt & Kim spring tour kicks off. it's gonna be a doosey. looking forward to seeing them in austin though. click here for the schedule.



just in case you may not have gotten your fill of Matt & Kim yet. . .

• Matt & Kim - Jesse Jane

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(the Japanther show last night was fun. Mr. Jah rocked so hard he busted his lip. . . but that didn't stop his vigilant rescuing of the fallen on the dance floor. we need more folks like this guy.)

so Sucka is hittin' the road. . . as the roadie and whatnot for the upcoming south-east Parts And Labor tour. about two weeks on the road, with one hell of a stop in austin for SXSW. check out the schedule below. and if you live anywhere near any of these shows, do yourself a favor and come out. the Todd P. three-day austin rock-fest is going to be a seriously not-to-be-missed extravaganza. check out that mind-blowing line-up (scroll down a bit on Todd's page) and i heard word that The Gossip may be added soon.



Floristree Space (Baltimore, MD)
w/ Ill Ease, Insect Factory

Underlying Themes Loft (Lexington, KY)
w/ Ill Ease

The Gypsy (Fayetteville, AR)
w/ Ill Ease, Tel Aviv

Good Records (Dallas, TX) - early show: 4PM
w/ Ill Ease

TBA (Dallas, TX)
w/ Ill Ease, Jetscreamer, The Black Arm Band

The Velvet Spade (Austin, TX)
SXSW - Solid PR / Ace Fu Records showcase
w/ No Things, Man Man, Measles Mumps Rubella, An Albatross, Pterodactyl, Tunng, The Annuals, Velella Velella, Devotchka, The Great Redneck Hope, The Post Office Gals

TBA (New Orleans, LA)
w/ Ill Ease

The Earl (Atlanta, GA)
w/ Man Man, Deerhunter

Nanci Raygun (Richmond, VA)
w/ Bunny Rabbits




just can't get away from the covers lately. Here's an energetic electro-synthy cover of Kanye West's "Through The Wire" by austin-based Belaire. i like that it isn't really all that recognizable until it hits that catchy (and all too familiar) refrain. get 'em in now kids, cause there may be a decent two week drought coming up. . . it's hard to do this while your sleeping on random strangers floors.

• Belaire - Through The Wire

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link day. . . and it's a depressing one.

the government is really interested in locking up all the hippies with new legislation trying to turn eco-terrorists into al-qaeda. it's already hit round one with Daniel McGowan's case. they'll probably start going after the freegans next, damn thieves that they are.

and in case you thought that the williamsburg waterfront development wasn't just the beginning, a nice google maps hack shows us what's in store for the (huge) navy yards. better take some photos of that manhattan skyline, cause pretty soon it's going to cost you a premium to get a peek. just more of the selling out of brooklyn.

and the NY Times hammers the last nail in the coffin that was bushwick, brooklyn. their sunday magazine real estate issue not only extolls the virtues of bougewick, but gives a handy two-page map with little photos of all the accoutrements to be had in the area. and so bushwick bites the dust (but you knew that). the worst part? my building is already for sale.



a subdued take on a rather raucous track. . . Vyvienne Long covers The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" with subtle strings and handclaps. gotta love it.

• Vyvienne Long - Seven Nation Army

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Japanther's back. go catch their welcome home show tonight (monday) at a really cool space.


:: Japanther
:::: Dada Swing
:::::: Right Moves

1087 Broadway | Bushwick | 718.453.6343 |
J to Kosciuszko | 8pm | $6 - suggested dontation




The Mummies. . . the kings of budget rock. i think this photo sums it all up.

• The Mummies - (You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes

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so a movie based on two graffiti writers called "Quality Of Life" is coming to nyc. it's a small indie production, but the reviews and reception have been pretty solid. the director is apparently interested in sparking "a real dialogue about the role of graffiti in society and a serious questioning of the results of the criminalization of the art..." according to Josh MacPhee. however, the limited release of this film is heavily dependent on ticket sales, so the director is asking people to please pony up ahead of time and help him secure further screenings.


As you know, we are self-distributing Quality of Life in limited theaters before we release the dvd this summer. We played in SF for 6 strong weeks and are now set to embark upon our national release, including New York City April 6-12.
A strong showing in NYC will open doors for future screenings. At this point, the theater in New York has us booked for one week, one screening a day. We have proven that there is a strong and hungry audience for this film. However, since we are self-distributing and do not bring ad dollars to the table, the theater owners remain unconvinced. Which is where you come in.
The NYC theater has agreed to schedule more screenings if and only if we are able to sell a few tix. (Unlike a traditional booking which gets held over based on actual Box Office performance, calendar houses like this must book months in advance.) Please buy your tix today and help give us an opportunity to prove the film has legs.
If you live in or plan to be in NYC, please buy your tix today. If you are not in NYC, please forward this e-mail to anyone who is.
Thanks for your ongoing and unwavering support of this project. We would not be here without you.
See you at the movies!

Benjamin Morgan
Director, Quality of Life


see the trailer here, buy your tickets here.



so there was a request for something from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album. I've only heard a handful of tracks so far, and must admit i haven't been blown away really. . . but this one is my favorite one so far. a bit more low-key than the rest, it has a rolling playfulness that makes it really comfortable. it conjures up that moment when everything is just right. and that's hard to do.

• The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Let Me Know

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yesterday i had to spend the day in a car driving to and from hartford CT. in a lot of snow. all the while watching people get into accidents all over the place. and with the exception of a delivery van, all of them were suv's. yeah, i wasn't surprised either.

cops in athens, ohio called in the bomb squad, shut down a bunch of buildings, and destroyed a bicycle cause it had a band sticker from This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb on it. . . c'mon, you KNEW that was going to happen someday. just be glad the owner of the bike was eventually released and not shipped off to Guantanamo. article here.
*UPDATE: i spoke too soon. the student is being charged with "inducing panic" and has to appear in court. maybe he'll end up going to jail for supporting a punk band. that would almost make sense nowadays.

tonight at Northsixth, Wolf Eyes and Bloody Panda with Whitehouse and Pig Destroyer. i know i like the first two bands anyway.

and saturday is the last Rated X party at Scenic for a while. if you like your hipsters naked and drunk, it's not to be missed.



everytime a track from this band comes on, i am impressed. that's pretty unusual. i saw Xiu Xiu (pronounced "Shoo Shoo") years ago at the old Right Bank and remember being intrigued by their use of vibrators in a glass jar as an instrument. there's a good description of them on Wikipedia. . . if you have further curiosity about this experimental-percussive-indie act.

• Xiu Xiu - Bog People

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(guess who was just in town visiting)

in case you haven't seen, the Village Voice has a report on the last Critical Mass ride.

and in case you missed the show at Pete's Candy Store last night. . . all i can say is that you missed out, big time.



this is why you've gotta love myspace. a weird, whistful, delicate cover of Three 6 Mafia's "Try Something." how gangsta can you get with a xylophone?

• American Sneakers - Try Something

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