(photos from the pretty bizarre Japanther + synchronized swimming event last night. it's impressive when a band can make something like synchronized swimming fun and exciting)

lemme just say, you know those parties that get all hyped, and there's a line around the corner, and it's sponsored by some big clothing or shoe company? and you show up, finagle your way in, and then realize it's like an hour to get a drink, there's no room to stand, much less dance, there's no free swag for you, and all your friends gave up and went somewhere else. so what the hell is the point of parties like that?



The Subways are one of those bands that plays tight, predictable, punk-influenced rock. kinda like The Donnas, etc. can't really argue with it, but not exactly anything that's gonna pull a double-take out of you. so if you're that band, what do you do to get people's attention? you cover another band that is really really popular. like Tv On The Radio. that gets people's attention. it landed them here, after all.

• The Subways - Staring At The Sun

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A friendly swede, Erik, has been kind enough to translate the article that recently appeared in a Swedish magazine about bike culture in nyc.


[Berge, Lars, “Budbärare”, Svenska Dagbladet, 9 April 2006]

A thing to ponder over when you bring out your bicycle for the upcoming spring: Be happy that you do not live in New York. Biking in New York is associated with danger for one’s life and the people riding on two wheels are subject to confinement en masse. To bike in New York is to take a political stance, and a subculture has emerged around the bicycle.

A bicycle painted in white can be found leaning against a lamppost in the intersection of Houston Street and Avenue A on the southeast of Manhattan. Someone has screwed a sign to the lamppost: “Brandie Bailey, 21 years old. Killed by truck, May 8 2005. Rest in peace.” Burned-out candles can be found on the ground. The flowers clinging to the spokes of the wheels have withered. Almost a week has passed since a funeral march of cyclists stopped by. Some of them held their bikes over their heads in silence. Flowers and candles where set out. After a reverence, the formation biked on till the next scene of accident. 21 persons were overrun and killed in the New York traffic during 2005. The number of wounded are counted in the thousands.

L Train takes us over East River. We get off at Montrose. We are here to meet the photographer Tod Seelie, who has followed Brooklyn’s bike scene for several years. The tall-bike gang Black Label Bike Club NYC arranges a costume party over at a run-downed place called Wreck Room. Peculiar bikes stand leaned in hoards towards the building. Some have a saddle height of two meters.

Observant New Yorkers may have read in Village Voice about “Mutant Bike Gangs of New York”. But it constitutes an unknown phenomenon for the majority. In the article Black Label is designated, possibly rather speculative, as “anarchists who search for bike parts and thrown-away vegetarian food in the dumpsters. On the contrary, the bar turns out to be packed with art school hipsters. The kind of people that live together in attic apartments and work on “own projects” in film, art or music. And wash their hair very seldom. The gang members wear jeans vests with their emblem on the back. An artist who calls himself Mr Andersonic is performing in an adjacent room. It is very likely that Brandie Bailey had been here if it had not been for that garbage truck. Tod Seelie used to meet here on attic parties and gigs in the area. She worked as a waitress in a vegan restaurant on Manhattan during the day hours, a place where Tod used to eat his lunch. As many other young New Yorkers which had chosen the alternative lifestyle, she used to ride her bike wherever she went.
- She was a very kind soul. It was a big loss for all of us, says Seelie whose blog Suckapants.com is one of the most up-to-date sources for activities circling New York’s bike scene.

New York is one of the Liberal’s strongest holds. The thought that President Bush was moved into power by the military industry and that the war in Iraq is about securing oil findings is not an uncommon opinion here. At the same time, the city is being filled with more and more cars. The nation’s busiest streets are located in the business district of Manhattan. 830 000 cars pass here each day. You don’t cycle here because it is nice or in order to get a breath of fresh air [Swedes mentality towards biking, translator’s comment]. You bike because it is an efficient, but dead dangerous mean to get through the traffic. For many people in the minority which choose to bike, biking is also a political stance. A protest on two wheels against a bolting consumption culture that is regarded as devastating for people and the environment. They gather every last Friday of the month at Union Square in order to bike along the streets of Manhattan en masse. The phenomenon is called Critical Mass and it grew steadily in popularity during the 90s. It culminated during the Republican convention in August 2004 when over 5,000 bikers rolled south along Broadway. A manifestation that got an abrupt end when NYPD suddenly carried out one of the biggest mass arrests in the history of New York.

The flyer to tonight’s costume party reads: “We have seen the future, and it goes to hell!” And yes, people at the Wreck Room do indeed party like there is no tomorrow. Tod Seelie introduces us to Brendt Barbur. If you are to ask questions about urban bike culture, Brendt is the man to ask. He decided to missionize when he left the hospital. He is determined that the bike may be the answer to many of our time’s biggest problems.
- Take obesity, take our dependence on oil, take environmental pollution. I am not saying that the bike is the sole answer to these problems. But it may very well be on of the answers.
Barbur started Bicycle Film Festival. It grew from having started out as a local interest with stencilled programmes on a smaller New York cinema. Last year, Barbur took his festival to San Francisco, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. 17,000 tickets were sold in total.
- I wanted to give the movement a voice. I wanted to do something where the bike was the star, says Barbur

Among the festival line-up, one can for example find Lucas Brunelle’s embedded coverage from breathtaking illegal bike races with New York’s messengers. The movies where he bikes with his camera mounted to his helmet have been downloaded from the Internet by over one million people. And of course, the movie that Barbur refers to as the best about a bike that has ever been produced: A Sunday in Hell, the Danish producer Jörgen Leth’s in-depth study about lactic acid from the cycle tour Paris-Roubaiz from 1976.
- But what has really engaged many festival visitors is the chaos during the Republican’s convention, says Barbur.
Everything is documented in “Still We Ride”, a movie he himself co-produced.
- Earlier, Critical Mass had been about protesting against car traffic, hook up with girls, the safety of biking together or whatever reason one could have. But that time, it was more political. The fact that the Republican’s selected New York for their convention was a viewed as mockery by many of the city’s inhabitants. Bush is not that popular here. Especially among those who have chosen to bike, says Barbur.

More people than ever turned up. The irritated horns from the cars where drowned by their whistles and cheers.
- We suddenly discovered that there were snipers on the surrounding roofs. The helicopters were hovering in the air. After one hour, the riot police struck. It was brutal, there were people who got one of their arms beaten off.
264 cyclists were arrested and their bikes were confiscated as “evidence”. The monthly manifestations have continued, in despite of the police tougher stance. The police withholds that the bikers interrupts the traffic and order, and that the organisers need to apply for a permit to demonstrate. The participating organisations, such as the environmental rights group Times Up, states that Critical Mass is not at all something that should be viewed as an organised protest. It is just a chance for people who like to bikes to meet up.
- We are treated as terrorists. Agents are spying on us. The police send infiltrators to Critical mass actions. They videotape grieving people during the memorial trips. The stop bikers haphazardly and give them high fines just for nonsense. It recalls harassment, says Barbur.

The fact that the authorities have placed the spotlight on the bikers instead of chasing the city’s reckless drivers has upset many. Especially Brandie Bailey’s case stirred up bad blood. It was not until 23 blocks until a patrol stopped the garbage truck that killed her. The driver was set free and avoided trial. The death of the girl was considered an accident. In despite of, or maybe thanks to, the increasingly harsher climate, the American bike culture is flourishing. To bike has simply become cool. Like the majority of alternative movements, it has its own movies, music and fashion that have been inspired by the city’s foolhardy messengers. Naturally, it also has its own art. We sit in an enormous warehouse under the Williamsburg Bridge the following day. A gigantic, old dog limps around among at least hundred bikes, all different models. Here, Taliah Lempert lives and works. Her husband runs a bike store on Lower East Side, and most of her friends are bike enthusiasts. She competes on exercise level and she often participates in the city’s rolling manifestations.

She has painted the same motive for nine years. In hundreds of different variations. She has depicted bikes for Olympic champions. For local messengers. For all kinds of people that travel through life on two wheels and she has developed a passionate relationship to her vehicle.
- For me, the bike is liberation. It makes it possible for me to use all my energy to ride fast. In addition, it is beautiful, says Lempert while she carefully paints the metallic reflector on the spokes in green.
- With the bicycle, you can stop and talk to people. It is not like the car that makes people isolated and frustrated. It is really a shame that our whole economy, our culture, is built around it. A statement that Brandie Bailey certainly would put her name to. On the Internet, her memory lives on. Her blogspot on Myspace.com is still active. Still, messages are posted from grieving friends. On the 16th of March, Colette wrote: “I woke up this night, convinced that you were still here among us.” But all that is left of here is a ghost bike. Shiningly white among exhaust fume-grey concrete.




I’m a big Bruce Springsteen fan (how can you not worship Nebraska?). and possibly my favorite song by The Boss is “I’m On Fire,” which was covered by another favorite of mine, Federation X. well now we can add another stab at wrangling with this classic, courtesy of Electrelane. love it.

• Electrelane - I’m On Fire

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(photos from the lovely secret Two Gallants show last night. good times)

the Two Gallants show last night was amazing. such a good time, such good people, such great crowd surfing, and so many funny drunk people. it was a bit weird when Spin magazine blitzed the crowd with model releases. but whatever. it was amazing. photos here, another crappy video i shot here.



so a friend of mine from back in my high school days recently got in touch with me about helping him find a show in nyc on July 14th for his new band, The Notes And Scratches. I went to work on it for him, and decided to give his new project a good listen. When this track came across my ears, i was hooked. a great balance of melancholy, tragedy, patience, hope, and death. all mixed with a tiny touch of that ironic black humor. we all dream of one day meeting someone we love so much that we would die for them. well it's always nice to live vicariously through others who've actually found it in the meantime.

• The Notes And Scratches - The Clockmakers Daughter

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(i love it when you can pull this stuff off without a tripod)

yesterday was a shit day. the show i curated, "Street Magic," was supposed to show all summer at the De Paul University Art Museum in chicago. instead i am told that they are going to upgrade their security system, which apparently is going to take the same three months as the show was slotted for. i spent a year negotiating this exhibition there, so i am really not-happy. and i'm back to square one trying to find suitable galleries to exhibit this show of some of the most amazing street art being done today (Swoon, Downey & Darius, Akay & Adams, Zevs etc). sigh. there was some other stuff, but it was personal and not of general interest. . .

however, there is a nice big light at the end of the tunnel, at least temporarily. the Two Gallants are playing a (secret) house show tonight with my roommate, the Goddamn Rattlesnake. it's gonna be awesome. and i could use some awesome.

Two Gallants +
The Goddamn Rattlesnake and Poor Boy Johnson +
Cold War Kids

tuesday, april 25th, 6 pm (early show)
248 McKibben St. #1J
L to the morgan stop, J to the flushing stop



i've been listening to Little Radio while i've been working lately. a song came on that i've heard a lot of, but never knew who it was. turns out it's the Silversun Pickups. i really like it right now. and uh, that's about it.

• Silversun Pickups - Kissing Families

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so that previously mentioned demolition party turned out to be a sham. but that didn't stop Zipco and friends from doing a little damage before being run off by a Henry Rollins look-alike and free beer. details here. photos here

and this is probably the worst thing i've heard/seen in a long time. i know this would be less of a rarity if i actually spent time on myspace perusing the humanity on display. but i don't, and i'm glad.



The Sonics raunch and scream it up a couple notches, and still hold their own many decades after their 60s heyday. start getting that summer jams mixtape ready people.

• The Sonics - Strychnine

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(photos from Matt & Kim's "welcome home" show last night with crazy-fun guys Death Set. it was so hot and sweaty that my lens kept fogging over repeatedly. and when the cops showed up to bust it up, even they were talking about how hot it was in there. crappy video i shot here, wait till the middle for it to get interesting)

another demolition party tonight, in greenpoint. this one is getting knocked down to build more condos. . . cause ya know, we need more condos in brooklyn. the way things are going, demo parties are going to be a regular weekend event soon. sweet but bitter.


Last party @ a brownstone in Greenpoint before it gets torn down for condos being built on the spot. Two floors + a backyard. No holds-barred - dance demolition derby!

The Damage: $0
The Drinks: BYOB
The Dancing: Courtesy, your selector...

Peep the Radd Flyer

Sat, April 22, 11pm
684 Leonard
btwn Calyer & Meserole
Brooklyn, NY
G: Nassau
L: Bedford / B61
(p.s. Many 24 hour bodegas nearby for beer)

brought to you by:

... download the latest mix on myspace




if you missed last night, you missed a good time and some good bands. if you like Japanther, you're gonna wet yourself for these guys. i first saw them in richmond at the Slaughterama. they killed it. kiiiiiiiillllllled it. it's the muthaf*ckin' Death Set.

• Death Set - Paranoia

• Death Set - Negative Thinking

• Death Set - Around The World

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(Matt & Kim "welcome home" show today, friday, with crazy-fun guys Death Set, and Meneguar: 626 Broadway, 2nd floor)

the Village Voice follows up the "no duh" school of journalism with a story about how cops don't like it when you take photos of them. especially when they are doing something wrong. watching the detectives. i've had my fair share of these sort of run-ins with the police while documenting the arrests during Critical Mass. i was able to hop and dance enough to their liking to avoid getting hauled in. But it was still unnerving to have a cop look me in straight the face and say "i can arrest you for whatever i want." proven. no argument there.

and the previously mentioned Jack White Coca Cola ad is actually just a knock-off of this japanese music video. who says that advertising isn't full of interesting stolen ideas? thanks Nick, for the tip-off.
*UPDATE: since i've been getting emails about this, i'll state what's in the comments. both videos were done by the same director, in the vein of the Postal Service video VS Apple's commerical. so yeah, mystery solved. although it begs the question, why repeat yourself?



smooth, slung, slow, slippin' it in. . . Brother Reade.

• Brother Reade - The Marcie Song

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a mixed bag of links today:

Chevy teamed up with a show called the Apprentice to allow the public to create their own ads for the Chevy Tahoe. Unsurprisingly, some people didn't go along with the program (the good ones with swearing have already been deleted).

Rolling Stone's cover story: is Bush the worst president in history?.

and Jack White does a Coca Cola commercial.



this seems appropriately in line with the cover mentality of Rolling Stone. and although this sentiment hasn't been bantered around much since the '04 elections. . . i hesitate to say it's left the subconscious, as things continue to go steadily downhill. so here's some Cloud Cult, the same band that kicked off this little website back in the day with this track.

• Cloud Cult - Moving To Canada

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so a friend of mine, Lars, wrote an article for a swedish newspaper about the bike culture in nyc. i would summarize the article, but i can't read swedish. from what i could discern, these are some of the familiar names mentioned in the article:

Brandie Bailey
the Ghostbikes
Black Label Bike Club
BLBC's Masquerade Ballers party
The Wreck Room
the Voice Bike Gang article
Mr. Andersonic
the RNC Critical Mass
Brendt Barbur
the Bicycle Film Festival
and Sucka Pants

if anyone can translate the article i would appreciate it. apparently google and babelfish don't consider swedish a worthwhile language.



so Spank Rock previously won best lyric of SXSW ("shake it till my dick gets racist," in case you forgot). this guy is no stranger to the irresistible beatsmith duo Hollertronix, a pairing that seems fated since the birth of hip hop. all the baltimore booty bounce you can handle. so step up, summer's comin' soon. . . and it's not summer till your sweaty, dancing, and everyone around you is half-naked.

• Spank Rock - Touch Me

• Spank Rock + Amanda Blank - Blow

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how to know when you've grown up: you find Time magazine funnier than Vice. of course, the first one isn't trying to be funny. but that's beside the point.



I recently found myself defending the fact that i do like electronic music, just not most of it. well here's an example of what i do like. The Knife hail from stockholm and have found a nice niche of a modern electronic sound mixed with hints of Dream Academy. catchy, head-bobbing, and infectious. show some white underbelly as you listen to this. it's okay, really.

• The Knife - Heartbeats

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so i got into a chat while working today about the difference between where i used to live (bed-stuy) and where i live now (bushwick). strangely, a lot of the differences seemed to boil down to the fact that i haven't been in my neighborhood long enough to accumulate all the bad experiences/associations/memories/ghosts that i racked up in 7 years in bed-stuy. i guess it really is true. after all those years, each street corner had a story, and it was usually a bad one. in a less-than-ten-minute walk to the grocery store, i would pass places where friends had been: mugged (sometimes at gunpoint), attacked, sexually assaulted, raped, hit by a car, randomly hit in the head by a glass bottle, had trash thrown on them, seen a shooting, seen someone else attacked/stabbed. . . and all of this culminated with the time when i had friends visiting from australia. i took them to the supermarket to get food (they were visiting for a good while) and it was cordoned off with police tape due to a homicide. oh beautiful, sad, broken brooklyn. . . how sharp thy teeth gleam in the stale settling sunlight.



still kind of burned out. still kind of waiting for my SXSW wish list hookup to come through. still going on the covers. here's The Ataris doing my favorite Billy Bragg song. no idea why i like this song so much. it just gets you close enough to "right there" to always end up on your playlist. strange chemistry.

• The Ataris - A New England

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a good show for a good cause. simple, straight-forward, true. rather unlike you, but that doesn't mean you can't go.



A new series of monthly benefit concerts designed to aid causes of direct social action.

The first show is happening soon so check the details below and mark the day:

Friday April 14th
The Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Ave @ the corner of President St.
(R to Union St. or B,D,N,Q,2,3,4,5 to Atlantic/Pacific - walk south)

7:45-8:30: Diane Cluck
8:45-9:30: The Redcoats Are Coming!
9:45-10:30: Miguel Mendez
10:45-11:45: Oakley Hall

w/ live video by Lady Firefly and mixes by The Pirate Hat

10 dollars, doors at 7

All net proceeds to benefit the Common Ground Collective relief organization in New Orleans. They are doing amazing rebuilding work there with no beaurocratic waste. Check the info below and know that your money is going straight to those who need it and not towards administrative salaries.

Advanced tickets are available now at the Brooklyn Lyceum and at Other Music (15 E 4th St, NYC) beginning on Tuesday, April 4th. Check the Injection Benefit soon for full information.

The Musicians:
- Diane Cluck
"Cluck sculpts utterly beguiling nuggets of acoustic folk/pop which, although minimal, never feel underdeveloped. With an emotional impact that punches well above its weight [her music] cast webs of velvety melody around profoundly personal lyrics. Naïve and all the better for it." There is a video on punkcast.com of her performing a few years back - check it out.

- The Redcoats Are Coming!
"The Redcoats Are Coming! are Richel, Jessica, and Sarah from Brooklyn, NY. Their sound is dark and seductive, incorporating two guitars, a baritone guitar, keyboard, eerie sound effects and drum machines. These musicians are rocking and deadly and creepy and insane and fashionable and classy and talented, and also well-groomed and hygienic and nutritionally aware."

- Miguel Mendez
"Mendez was born and raised in the LBC and attended Snoop Dogg's school, Long Beach Polytechnic. Unlike many of his so-called contemporaries, Miguel really sings. His songs are affecting and unaffected. His new band sounds like Crazy Horse on acid, and anyone who's heard it knows that Miguel is the real deal."

- Oakley Hall
No quotations needed here. Every few years I get the feeling that I haven't heard anything real and sincere in a while and then a band like Oakley Hall comes along and completely knocks me out. I saw them on a whim a few months back and have not stopped raving about the show since (ask my friends). I am honored to have them be a part of the innaugural show and I implore you to get into their music.

Firefly Lab with the video art - The Pirate Hat with the tunes and reviews

The Cause:
The Common Ground Collective is a community-started organization in New Orleans that provides the most direct assistance possible to the thousands of people still struggling with the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. With a boots on the ground approach they are able to sidestep beaurocracy and misdirected funds and initiate the kinds of aid programs that are needed most. Common Ground has established free medical clinics and food distribution centers in the neighborhoods where relief has been slow to reach. They have established tutoring programs to service the children of the public school system who have no school to attend. They are currently in active demonstrations to push for anti-eviction legislation for the displaced citizens given temporary housing in hotels but who are now being ordered out by FEMA. They are also in the midst of starting a newspaper to report on the events occuring on the grounds of New Orleans that are no longer being covered by national media outlets. Solidarity extends beyond city lines, and we need to show our continued support. Please visit their website - to learn more about the organization and the urgent need that still exists in New Orleans.

Please contact me at jobcain@gmail.com or visit Injection Benefit if you want to be involved with this project in any way. The more participation we get, the more momentum we can build. Spread the word!




so i'm gonna be gettin' a bit sloppy for a couple days. too much work, not enough "screen time." but what do you care, most of you just download my podcast anyway. if you couldn't tell, i'm feeling a bit abrasive (two hours in the laundromat near my house will do that to you), so this track is kinda perfect. abrasive in such a good way. can anyone say Big Black?

• God's Gang - Baad Girl

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(photos from the installation and opening of "La Boca Del Lobo" by Swoon, Solovei, and Alison Corrie at Black Floor Gallery in philly. . . on view till april 29th, more photos here)

this is pretty cool. never have to give up your info to read the NY Times again, or many other websites for that matter. keep your personal details slightly more private. . . for a while anyway.



sorry, i'm a bit burned out. it is like 4 am or something, so i do have an excuse. here's good ol' Willie doing some Nirvana. there's a sense of melancholy reminiscent of Johnny Cash's American Recordings. but that's hardly a bad thing.

• Willie Nelson - Smells Like Teen Spirit

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just a quick one about the recent development this weekend from philly in regards to the new Green Scare legislation. pics from the Swoon/Solovei/Alison Corrie opening coming soon.


Gov. Rendell Meets With Anarchist Black Cross

On Friday April 7th, about 25 people joined with organizers of the
Philadelphia Anarchist Black Cross in front of Governor Ed Rendell's
office to voice their opposition to HB213. This bill will label anyone a
"terrorist" who engages in civil disobedience against institutions that harm the earth or animals, and carry with it a 40 year jail sentence and/or $100,000 fine. It is designed to crush the environmental and animal rights movements, as similar tactics would not receive the same charge if waged against an abortion clinic.

After an hour of handbilling the Broad Street rush-hour traffic, two
spokespeople were invited to Governor Rendell's office to speak with him personally about the law. At the meeting, the Governor said that he had not heard of or read the bill he is scheduled to sign. When our people read it to him, he said he had strong reservations about it. He also said that if the Anarchist Black Cross drafted an analysis of HB213, he would consider it while making his decision on whether or not to sign the bill.

We are in the process of writing this analysis with lawyers, and will fax it to the Governor promptly.

We feel that this meeting is a very positive step in bringing down HB213, but we cannot ease up until the law has been totally defeated.

We are calling on all concerned citizens to CALL GOVERNOR RENDELL several times per day within the next week. Remind him that he hates this criminal move by the PA House and Senate as much as we do!

Here are the phone numbers for all of his offices:

Philadelphia: 215-560-2640
Scranton: 570-614-2090
Erie: 814-878-5719
Pittsburgh: 412-565-5700

The text of the bill is available online here

This law is part of a campaign being waged by all levels of government against the environmental and animal rights movements. The FBI has named this campaign Operation Backfire; those of us who know better are calling it the Green Scare, like the Red Scare which once targeted communists. To read more about the Green Scare, visit Wikipedia > Green Scare.

If you would like to receive updates on or help organize resistance to the Green Scare, please send an email to philly_abc@riseup.net. Be in Philly on June 9-11 for a whole Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare.




Radio Berlin are (sadly) a now-defunct band that hailed from the lovely vancouver bc. if you like Depeche Mode or Joy Division, this is probably up your alley. check out their myspace page for more recent tracks off their last album.

• Radio Berlin - Twelve Fingers

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(a few pics from the tail end of the mosh pit at the Municipal Waste show. you can't see it, but there's a smashed florescent light bulb on the floor in the middle of the pit.)

so i am headed down to philly for a couple days to help out Swoon and some friends with an exhibition opening friday at Black Floor Gallery. we'll be cooking Grub, Japanther will play, and a nice old time will be had by all. if you happen to live in the brotherly city, do come by and say hello.



i ran across Cortina at the Todd P/Rambler stage at SXSW. they instantly reminded me of Japanther, with their tinny drumbeats and vocal stylings. however, upon listening to their recorded tracks, i don't really see the correlation anymore. i think they describe it best themselves as "a cross between ministry and blondie in the bottom of a swamp" or "as Chicks on speed crossed with ZZ top." either way, it really grabs you. and they have a song about not being an american (they're from new zealand). . . which is kind of awesome.

• Cortina - Control Freaks Rule

• Cortina - Entity

• Cortina - I Am Not An American

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Parts & Labor cd release show this saturday, killer line-up = not to be missed. and the noise-pop boys are hitting the road right after for a one month tour, make sure not to miss them when they come to your town. even Fluxblog agrees:

"Parts & Labor were the most intense act that I saw at the festival (SXSW) by far. As Dan Friel went at his array of electronic gadgets like an enthusiastic little boy, Chris Weingarten beat the shit out of his drum set as if they had killed his entire family line. Even with all the trebly noise and the rhythmic aggression, the band never abandoned melodies and hooks, resulting in a rather excellent and unique form of post-hardcore noise pop."

check it out. . .


Hello friends,

Our new record, "Stay Afraid", comes out next week on
April 11th! We're very excited.

We're also excited for this Saturday, our record release
party at North Six. We're playing with some of our
closest friends and favorite musicians: Oneida, Ex Models,
Kyp Malone, and The Good Good. Come out!

And then next week we'll be leaving for a one month U.S.
and Canada tour. We have new t-shirts being screened as
I type this (hopefully available at the show on Saturday)
and the new record is also now available for mail order
on our website.

Hope to see you soon,


Parts & Labor's "Stay Afraid" Record Release Party!
Saturday, April 8th, with:

KYP MALONE (of TV On The Radio)

@ North Six (66 N. 6th St. Brooklyn, NY)
8PM / $8
North Six


Parts & Labor "Stay Afraid" Spring Tour 2006

04.13.06 T.T. the Bear's (Cambridge, MA) +
04.14.06 La Sala Rossa (Montreal, QC) +
04.15.06 El Mocambo (Toronto, ON) +
04.16.06 Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) +
04.17.06 Mode Art Gallery (Davenport, IA) +
04.19.06 Hi-Dive (Denver, CO) +
04.20.06 Kayo (Salt Lake City, UT) +
04.21.06 Higgins Hall (Missoula, MT) +
04.22.06 Crocodile Cafe (Seattle, WA) +
04.23.06 Media Club (Vancouver, BC) +
04.24.06 Towne Lounge (Portland, OR) +
04.25.06 G Street Pub (Davis, CA)
04.27.06 Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco, CA) +#
04.28.06 Echo (Los Angeles, CA) +#
04.29.06 Modified (Phoenix, AZ) +#
05.01.06 Emo's (Austin, TX) +#
05.02.06 Rubber Gloves (Denton, TX) +#
05.03.06 Downtown Music Hall (Little Rock, AR) +#
05.04.06 The Pilot Light (Knoxville, TN) +#
05.05.06 Wedge Gallery (Asheville, NC) +#
05.06.06 Relative Theory Records (Norfolk, VA) +#
05.08.06 Inside/Outside Gallery (Cleveland, OH)
05.09.06 Mac's (Lansing, MI)
05.10.06 Kitchen Distribution (Buffalo, NY)
05.11.06 Mr. Roboto Project (Pittsburgh, PA) %
05.12.06 Mill Creek Tavern (Philadelphia, PA) %
05.13.06 Floristree Space (Baltimore, MD) +%

+ with Wilderness
# with Year Future
% with Measles Mumps Rubella


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Brah Records
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i grew up shy and catholic, serving 10 years in parochial school. when you are scared of people and struggling to make sense of religion in the real world, your imagination tends to bloom. one thing that was always shoved down our throats was the evil of abortion. at the time, in 4th grade or so, i understood very little of how complicated this issue was in real life. so the idea of abortion being wrong seemed pretty simple, killing cute babies was bad. eventually my mind began to run with this idea. the movies had taught me that everyone had a true love, a soul mate. but if babies were being killed before they were born, didn't that mean that people's soul mate's were being destroyed? so that eventually, we would end up with a world where many people spent their entire lives searching in vain for a soul mate that didn't exist. i became afraid that this would happen to me, that my soul mate would never be born. and then i grew up, and life got a lot more complex, and i forgot about the whole thing. until i heard this song and it reminded me of it.

• Townes Van Zandt - Two Girls

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(photos from Slaughterama 3 hosted by the richmond Cutthroats. a lot more here.)

i just spent two days straight editing until my eyes crusted over. all to bring you these pics of the Slaughterama. so you better like 'em. and now the recap of my visit to richmond:

- i missed Municipal Waste the first night i was there due to an inopportune flat tire courtesy of the "bridge of glass." so no photos of the insane mosh pit or the topless stage-diving punk girls. oh well, your loss. (however they are playing thursday at the Hi-Five club in brooklyn, so if you think you're up to it, i'd go check it out)
- i tried to ride in Critical Mass, but apparently it has pretty much been abandoned by the activists/punks in richmond. one guy talked about how he used to organize it, but has nothing to do with it now since "it's been taken over by affluent white kids." i don't really want to get in to pointing out how dumb and self-defeating that is, but i guess coming from nyc i'm appreciative of anyone that's on my side. i don't really feel i can be picky about who's on my team, we need all the help we can get. anyway, i went to ride with richmond-guide-extrodinare Walker, but there wasn't anyone there. we waited for a while and were besieged by some christians trying to save our souls through prayer and fancy motorcycles. i have to admit the little kids asking me if i wanted to be saved and would i pray with them melted my usually gruff nyc stature. but in the end i won out by just being nice and friendly. about six other people eventually showed up to ride, but they got into it pretty hard with the christians. after a while Walker and i got tired of listening to them bicker and left to watch the scavenger hunt race.
- i was propositioned by a strange looking prostitute (think african-american 50s housewife motif) who then actually followed me back to where i was staying and hung out on the porch until someone finally shooed her away.
- i learned about a girl who knits pouches for your bike specifically to carry rocks in. . . to throw at reckless drivers. guess what everyone's getting for xmas this year.
- i also heard stories of the random and violent streak that seems to run through richmond. one story was of a guy getting hit by a car, on purpose, and then being laughed at as he laid in the street in agony with a broken pelvis. it was explained to me this way: brooklyn is violent, but it's all business. richmond is violent, but there's no rhyme or reason to it. it's just violence for the sake of violence.
- i also got (drunkenly) called the photo-equivalent of Aaron Cometbus. which i took as a compliment, and kind of seems to offset the criticism i received just before i left. but the person was also wasted, so i think even taking it with a small grain of salt might be a bit much for this one.
- oh yeah and there was this bike thing going on, with events like Six-pack Attack, Foot Down, Chicken-fight Racing, Whiplash, Bike Toss, the BMX Harness, Chariot Racing, Tall Bike Jousting, and a performance by portland's Sprockettes. and there was an afterparty with Death Set, Show Me The Pink, and Free Cocaine (mosh pit madness) with a great dance party courtesy of Mr. Stache and Dirty Fingers from Black Label. go check out the pics already.



i heard to a fair bit of metal down at SXSW. kinda reminded me that i do enjoy a nice dose of the dark and fast side of things now and again. and thus, we have The Sword. self-described as sounding like "a bunch of bison being pushed over a cliff," i'd say it's probably closer to Sabbath. it's dark, it's heavy, it's got wolves howling, it's how metal should be done.

• The Sword - Winter's Wolves

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(anarchists eat breakfast too. . . it's almost like they were human)

so i'm back from Slaughterama 3, and in one piece too. i really didn't want to leave richmond. but i'll have more on that later.

and in the off-hand chance you aren't sick to death of the Brooklyn Industries controversy, there's a pretty interesting discussion here. it starts off with some douchebag complaining about how grammar (or the lack of) is going to destroy The Left, but just skip past him and get to the actual dialogue.



here's a band that is consistently clean and catchy, combined with my favorite remix masters to date. like it.

• Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)

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