So in case you're wondering, I'm off with the Miss Rockaway Armada. After a stuttery start due to some lug-nut-loosening sabotage on our trailer, we made it to Waseca MN and have been busting some serious ass in a huge warehouse mostly populated by dusty antique cars, peeling lead paint, and weird shadows. We hope to be building on the Big Muddy itself by the day after tomorrow, so it should start getting real interesting very quickly from this point. And a big thanks to Juan, a good friend who really came through for us with the first build space. Saved our asses.



This is an old friend of mine from Cleveland. He has an amazingly resonate voice that I still find stands out very easily. This song is his cover/interpretation of a track by a frequent collaborator of his, Six Parts Seven. I really really like it. If anyone has any other recording by Straw, please send them my way if you can. Thanks.

• Brian Straw - Now Like Photographs

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(from the Cansei De Ser Sexy show at the Warsaw: Lovefoxx loves the crowd, this band is kind of aggresive with the merch, fans take advantage of Brazilian sidewalk wrestling)

Cansei De Ser Sexy played with Diplo at Warsaw on Thursday, and it was amazing. I've seen them a few times before, but this show was so solid and fun that I dare say the audience was impressed. They did keep clapping and cheering for minutes even after one impromptu encore. I've also rarely seen so much fawning over a band at a merch table either. Fluxblog really liked them too. Can't wait to see them again in September.

Oh, and totally unrelatedly can I just say f*ck this guy.



And what else could I post, but more Cansei De Ser Sexy. . .

• Cansei De Ser Sexy - Odio Odio Odio Sorry

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(from the Miss Rockaway Armada benefit show: Japanther, Aa, The Goddamn Rattlesnake & Poor Boy Johnson, Lidia Stone, and the crowd went wild)

There's nothing that says Brooklyn summer like riding your bike around quiet streets at night and coasting through three cascades of water from open fire hydrants in one block. In the morning, traffic lights at major intersections (like Flushing & Bushwick) go on the fritz due to power outages, but some guy from the neighborhood quickly steps up and spends the better part of the morning directing traffic in 90+ degree heat.

Speaking of heat, it broke a friend of mine's cell phone. It wasn't heat that did it in exactly, it was water damage. It's been so hot that my friend's sweat soaked into the phone and killed it while he was using it.

And thank you to all the bands that helped make the Miss Rockaway Armada benefit show a really fun success. And of course thanks to all the friends and friendly strangers who came out to support us and have a good time in a weird Polish night club on a week night. Now let's just hope we know how to float.



Hawnay Troof is Chris from the legendary XBXRX. With this project he ventures more into simple-beats hip hop with shouty/chanty vocals. It ends up being perfect jump-around-dance-in-your-underpants music. Not that I would know.

• Hawnay Troof - Left Arm Vacant

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So Sucka has gone and booked a rock show as a send off party for the oft-mentioned-as-of-late Mississippi River raft project. Of course if I'm going to put together a show, it's going to be with some of my favorite bands. And so we bring you a Brooklyn-all-star line up, ranging from DIY-punk, to intense percussion, to rough and rowdy country. So come give us hugs and put dibs on our record collections if we don't come back. It's gonna be fun.

Send Miss Rockaway Down The River send off party

+--- Japanther
+--- Aa
+--- The Goddamn Rattlesnake & Poor Boy Johnson
+--- Lidia Stone

Europa Night Club in Greenpoint
98-104 Meserole Ave., (corner of Manhattan Ave.) Brooklyn, NY
Wednesday July 19th
9pm, $5

Flyer here.



An entire foot-tapping, mildly-sexy, sing-along jam. . . all acapella. And some great imagery of anatomical uses for a staple gun.

• Ladyfuzz - Staple Gun

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(World Cup nothing, gimmie some Brooklyn street boxing. More here.)

I was watching a Hispanic game show last saturday night while I was doing my laundry, they had a contest where proud parents raced their barely-crawling infants across the floor to win a new car or something. It was pretty tv-style-surreal. But then I remembered seeing "Mutton Busting" at a rodeo years ago. Mutton busting comes from bronco busting, only instead of broncos they use sheep, and instead of cowboys they use small children. They take kids out of the audience, slap a bike helmet on them, put them on the back of a confused sheep, tell them to hold tight, and then kick the sheep in the ass. The sheep takes off (well as fast as sheep can go) with the kid on its back quickly transforming from naive bravado to clenched-fists-holding-on-for-dear-life. Eventually the kid bounces off, gets stepped on by the sheep, and is scooped up a crying traumatized mess and held up in front of hundreds of screaming strangers and bright stadium lights. Then they go and do it all over again with another kid. Now that's entertainment.



Good punk rock makes you feel so damn good. Why is it that we're supposed to grow out of this again?

• Angry Samoans - I Lost (My Mind)

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So you know that Mississippi river raft project I've been mentioning? Well that stuff don't happen for free. And therefore the Miss Rockaway Armada has been throwing some fundraisers, like a pretty swanky art auction this thursday (July 13th) in Chelsea. Art from everyone's favorites Banksy, Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Espo, and others (like me). And I'll even be pseudo-DJing the entire event. Kinda worth coming out to see some cool art, check out a section of the raft, and maybe even take home a little something knowing your money is going to a good (and crazy) cause. The event is also co-sponsored by Wooster Collective.



The Miss Rockaway Armada Art Auction

New York (July 6, 2006) - The Miss Rockaway Armada will host a benefit silent art auction in New York City called Send Our Hopes Down the River on the evening of July 13th, 2006 at 7pm at the Holasek-Weir Projects. The group is calling on artists and art enthusiasts for their support to send this scrap-raft flotilla down the Mississippi River in July and August. Funds are needed for motors, fuel, nautical equipment and transportation. The silent auction will feature work from dozens of artists, including:

* Banksy
* Shepard Fairey
* Swoon
* Faile
* The Barnstormers
* Blek Le Rat
* Logan Hicks
* Chris Stain
* Leon Reid (Darius Jones)
* Eine
* Dennis Mcnett
* Matthew Modine

The Armada project was conceived by street artist Swoon, and is now being built and organized by a collective of 25 artists, performers and activists from New York, San Francisco and Seattle. The Armada enjoys support from the Holasek-Weir Projects, the Wooster Collective and the Barnstormers art collective, who will donate a larger-than-life sound system sculpture that will float down the river. Send Our Hopes Down the River is presented in collaboration with Emergency Arts and Conjunction Arts, two organizations dedicated to promoting art with a social conscience.

The event will feature a life-sized pontoon raft-stage, a skeptics’ raffle, performances by members of the Miss Rockaway Armada crew, and some exciting surprises. Select items can be previewed on woostercollective.com preceding the benefit. Bidding ends promptly at 9pm.

The Miss Rockaway Armada includes members of the Toyshop Collective, Visual Resistance, The Amateurs, The Floating Neutrinos, The Infernal Noise Brigade, The Madagascar Institute and the Rude Mechanical Orchestra. This July they will converge in Minneapolis to construct a flotilla of rafts that will journey down the Mississippi River. The group is creating a mobile cultural center that embodies their search for creative and sustainable ways of living.


For information on this event and The Miss Rockaway Armada, contact A’yen Tran at (646) 232-4123, ayen@missrockaway.org. The Holasek-Weir Projects is located at 547 W. 21st near 11th Ave. in Chelsea.

Press release




I'm thinking about playing this on Thursday at the auction, what do you think?

• Minors Into Fire - Songodsuns

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So a couple of online magazines have featured my photography recently. Purpose out of France, Mooncruise, and Glowlab. They show different work from my two different sites. Kinda cool.



Covers, covers, covers, covers, covers. Awesome.

• The Go! Team - Bull In The Heather

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(the crowd goes wild - fireworks in the background, Japanther tears it up till concerns over the roof caving in bring it all to a halt, Parts & Labor in full form, and the ever jubilant Matt & Kim)

What a damn crazy weekend. I've always felt that Fourth Of July is probably the best holiday to be in NYC for. Starting it off with a Critical Mass ride (see previous post), I then saw Pixeltan perform, followed by Bicycle Fetish Day, Sweatshop Labor's rooftop BBQ, and then to the Brooklyn Museum of Art's First (free) Fridays to see Swoon's new installation. And that was just Friday and Saturday. Sunday was the CitySol outdoor festival presented by Solar One, where Japanther played under a huge tarp so as to not let a little rain stop the show (or the crowd surfing). And then of course the Fourth of July. Ian from Japanther and Todd P. put together a benefit show for the disaster relief organization Common Ground. It was exactly what a NYC Fourth of July should be. Burgers and hot dogs on a spacious roof, watching the sun go down surrounded by nice people while some of your favorite local bands perform, and of course the occasional round of fireworks going off in the neighborhood (or in the crowd as well). Even when they kicked everyone out cause the roof was threatening to collapse it didn't end. We just wandered to another rooftop party and listened to some great Djing by one of the members of Finger On The Pulse. Not a bad way to do it at all. . .



Here's a version of one of those great songs that always seem better when reinterpreted. I mean I like Cat Stevens (sometimes), but just about every version of this song I've ever heard seems to do it far more justice than the original. Weird.

• The Koobas - The First Cut Is The Deepest

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(Bikes VS Scooters)

(Scooters VS Bikes)

(This is an undercover cop, "What's your badge number?" "999 never you mind.")

(This is an undercover cop's hand blocking my camera while I attempt to photograph his colleague who was videotaping us)

(He got good with all the practice)

(Less than a minute in, the tickets begin)

(Two cops for one ticket, cause you never know)

(Law-abiding citizens of Critical Mass stop for a red light)

(More Critical Mass riders waiting at a red light)

(Bike lift at Derek Lake's ghost bike memorial)

(Scooter cops driving on the sidewalk, a very popular place for them during Critical Mass)

(One of my favorite examples of the bogus ticketing from the Critical Mass ride. This woman received a ticket for not having an audible signal, such as a bell or horn, on her bike. Here she displays the ticket between not one, not two, but three "audible signals" - one bell and two ladybug horns)

So June's Critical Mass has come and gone, in the typical manner to be expected in NYC nowadays. Massive harassment, bogus ticketing, and over-zealous scooter cops (heard the one about the guy being chased by FOUR scooter cops all the way to his apartment door? It's true, I saw the video). Even when the ride DOES stop for ALL red lights, it doesn't matter. That just makes it easier for them to hand out tickets for anything they can think of. Two of the tickets I looked at that night didn't even make sense. Maybe that means the recipients will get off on a technicality. . . the WTF? technicality. I could go into a recap, but our friend over at Bike Blog has already done it.



This was sent to me and billed as "upbeat hip-hop." And I say that is exactly what it is. Now the question is, is that what you want?

• Straiht Wikid Crew - Get On Down To The Beat

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