(captions from Denmark: a woman is a bit blasé about the riot police; cops move in to quell a fire started by protesters; the writing on the wall; scrap bikes in Christiania; decorated landscape inside Christiania; remains of habitation in a burned out shack in an old train yard; entering the cave house; the cave living room; the junk teepee; sand dunes on the West coast of Denmark)

Even travelers need a vacation. So I am taking one in Copenhagen. It's been really nice, even if everything here is stupidly expensive ($7 for a cup of coffee? None for me, thanks).

- Riding bikes in a light rain through the streets of Copenhagen.
- Amazing bike lanes that are wide and located between the sidewalk and parked cars/the street, so you do not ride in traffic at all. F-in' genius.
- Lots of various forms of cargo bikes, as in the average person uses them, not just dumpstering activist-punks.
- The autonomous hippie city in the middle of Copenhagen called Christiania (yes, seriously). They don't pay rent or taxes and make their own laws. However the new government wants to turn it all into condos, so moves are being made to bring about the demise of Christiania (history lesson on this available here).
- "Pusherstreet" being the section of Christiania where you used to be able to buy/use soft drugs pretty openly. The government has since broken it up and scattered the dealers all over the city, making the problem much worse. When you are on that street there are huge murals/signs forbidding photography.
- Needing to wear a hoodie and even a jacket. . . in August.
- Learning about "Technical School," basically an art/design/trade school that is completely free, AND the government pays you while you go to school there. Of course the new government is closing this down soon.
- Futuristic floating street lights hovering over the middle of the street (okay so they are actually suspended on thin wires, but you can't see this at night).
- Seeing the vacant lot where the famous "Youth House" squat used to be (Nick Cave and even Bjork had performed there). It was evicted and demolished to make room for a church to be built. Turns out the church didn't have enough money to actually build anything, so now it's just another vacant lot.
- Riding bikes around Copenhagen at night while police vans scream past and a protester's fire blocks off a street.
- Trying to "press pass" my way past lines of riot cops to get photos of a protest by previous inhabitants of the Youth House (and no, it didn't work).
- Sitting in a backyard in western Denmark while a soft breeze trickles through the foot-and-a-half tall grass and rustles the plump evergreens. . . all while a dragonfly rests on my toe.
- Exploring inside an old WWII bunker on the beach, even as the tide continued to flow in.
- Hiding out in a teepee on the beach made from scrap wood, stones, and junk. It wasn't much, but it protected us from wind-blown sand and a few spots of rain rather well.
- Coming within an inch of stepping on a syringe in the sand (pointy side up). And no, I didn't leave it lying there.
- Skinnydipping at dusk in a freezing lake in the middle of the woods where the water is so pure you can drink it right from the lake.
- Staring down a group of young bulls as we trespass through their field.
- Bike lanes even out in the countryside.
- Exploring an abandoned underground house.
- Exploring an abandoned rail yard and warehouse, and meeting some graffiti punks in the process.
- And I don't do this often, but you gotta love those silly "foreign words meaning something in another language" signs.

And this one goes out to my bike nerd friends.



I wanted to find a song by a Danish artist to post here, and in the search stumbled across this track by someone I had actually met and spent an evening hearing some of their crazy stories. So it was a pretty nice match when I figured it out. Here is a track by Tilde, under her recording name Jackson. Think a stripped-down Cat Power.

• Jackson - On The Road

A band's place in myspace.



(photos from the Miss Rockaway Armada 2007 voyage: Bochay rides through the fountains before a performance; Anna waits backstage; Brodie atop the Garden Of Bling; the one-and-only Brandy Gump; Earl holds a baby monkey; Harrison terrorizes small town america; drunk-liquor-store-parking-lot-dude strikes a pose; Brodie and Alexis watch chaos erupt in a parking lot during a spontaneous noise-band freakout)

I finally put up a gallery of images from my time on the Miss Rockaway Armada this year. You can see them all here.



This one goes out to those "anonymous" haters out there. . . thanks for keeping it shitty.

• The Animals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

A band's place in myspace.



(stills from the film Rebel, directed by Nicole Brending)

I mentioned I was going to post some photos from a film I recently shot stills for. The whole thing was completed in three days, the crew really put in some hours to pull it off. I could tell you what's happening in the photos, but that would spoil the film now wouldn't it?



I just rediscovered this track, it used to be pretty popular on mixes I made a while back.

• The Fruit Bats - Slipping Through The Sensors

A band's place in myspace.



(photos from the bowels of the Columbia University)

I just bounced through NYC for a few days to shoot stills for a friend's indie film, and one of the filming locations was in the subterranean guts of an old Columbia University building up in Harlem. It was kinda neat, although the lack of necessary B&Eing made it seem a bit too easy. Regardless it was fun mucking around in the detritus. I'll post some photos from the film when I get a minute.



So I was up late packing and this song came on the radio. I hadn't heard it before, and don't know the band either. Something about it struck a chord with me though. Probably having a little to do with being very transitory for a long time (traveling since April), but also having a lot to do with realizing I am not getting any younger, time is not standing still, and the windows to realize my hopes and daydreams of high school/college are slowly starting to close. Kind of a weird thing.

• Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah

A band's place in myspace.



(do you really need captions for these?)

- Stick-n-poke knuckle tattoos.
- Climbing up the outside to the third story to explore an abandoned building.
- If abandoned buildings are as exciting as a new toy on Xmas, then Milwaukee is like a Toys R Us.
- Soup performing, fireworks, and train-hopping kids from Brodie's pictures at his opening.
- Riding trains with two kids who take turns reading the Bible aloud to each other.
- Getting dropped and stranded on a train in the middle of nowhere (ie. Wisconsin).
- Meeting cool/friendly artists.
- Spending over 24 hours trying to hop out of Chicago.
- After escaping from being dropped in the center of the main Chicago train yard, end up wandering around the very-south-side of Chicago like a rack of lamb in a wolves den.
- Getting mugged/attacked by some young thugs.
- Not realizing the extent of your injuries until you undress to take a shower.
- Ending up at a fun show in Chicago (Dandi Wind and Alex & The Drummer).

Oh yeah, and I came across this video on a friend's blog. I really like it (bikes, bunny masks, and a female Donnie Darko? sign me up).



In case you liked the song as well as the video (above), here it is in lovely mp3 format.

• Bats For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do?

No place like your space.