(some of my film work from New Orleans, more here)

I've been getting some emails from other photographers/aspiring/students lately, and it occurred to me that I might be able to offer something on here by sharing information about things that I have found really helpful. There's not much I can say that isn't more thoroughly expounded upon on other more technically-oriented websites, but one thing that has practically saved my ass when it comes to photo expenses is the lab I use to develop and scan my film. It's a tiny little Mom 'n Pop shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn called Enla. They only do C-41, and your negs come back in a ziplock bag, but they do a really great job and are actually affordable. I get 64MB scans (about 15x15" @ 300 dpi) of my 6x6 120 film for around $12 a roll, including developing. Turnaround is usually 24 hours. That's half what I used to pay in Manhattan. So if you are still shooting film, this might be a real budget-saver for you.

Enla Photo
790 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 389-9495‎
Map here


When two different DJs (one being me) think this is a good tune for their night's playlist, you know you've got a gem.

• Tom Waits - Hoist That Rag

A band's place in myspace.



(photos from the recent Matt & Kim cd release show at Williamsburg Music Hall with special guests the Rude Mechanical Orchestra and Spank Rock, full gallery here)

It was a great Matt & Kim show last Thursday for the release of Grand, which I've already told you is excellent. Some really good stuff coming up this weekend, all of which I cannot recommend enough, let's start in chronological order.


(Starting Thursday and running for this and next weekend, a truly original and amazing city-meets-art experience)

IRT: A Tragedy in Three Stations

A site-specific, live-action show about building New York's electric railroad, played out live in the New York City subway. The audience follows the actors in and out of train cars and across platforms as our story hurtles through the city.

In 2004 two subway workers discover love letters written in an obscure corner of a crumbling IRT station. The action speeds back to 1904. Union carpenter Thomas Fowler squares off against subway financier August Belmont. An altruistic nurse, Clara, ignites another passion in Fowler. Can the two of them stop a careless machine? Will reckless love spoil Belmont's plans? Who's writing in the tunnels? And why?

Our actors auditioned and rehearsed the entire show in the New York City subway over the last two months. Our crews rode trains with stopwatches and note pads. We recorded in tunnels and researched volumes of subway history and lore.

Full period costumes. Custom traveling sets. Mobile lighting. Live music. This is live theater in transit.

Love is for heroes. Risk everything. Make your mark.

New York City Subway
RSVP for will call location
9p; $10
Continues FRIDAY and SATURDAY and February 4-6

(Amazing Brooklyn VS Baltimore $3 show)

Friday January 30th @ DANBRO STUDIOS WAREHOUSE (tentative)

:: 2 stages, bands from Brooklyn on one, Baltimore on the other
:: ---| $3 |---

:::: Double Dagger
:::::: Future Islands
:::::::: dj Dog Dick

:: Woods
:::: Blank Dogs
:::::: These Are Powers

268 Meserole St @ Bushwick Pl | East Williamsburg, Bklyn
L-Montrose, JM-Lorimer, G-Broadway | 8pm | all ages | ---| $3 |---

(The annual test of winter-weather running endurance, alcohol consumption, and costumed-outdoing-daring-do is here: The Idiotarod. With an official description that sounds strangely familiar)

The Iditarod is the famous long-distance race in which yelping dogs tow a sled across Alaska. The IDIOTAROD is pretty much the same thing, except that instead of dogs, it's people, instead of sleds, it's shopping carts, and instead of Alaska it's New York City.

The sixth annual event happens January 31, 2009. Teams of five will race for cash prizes and glory.



A reinterpreted version of a ZZ Top classic.

• Mochipet - Sharp Drest

A band's place in myspace.



(Ninjasonik and Team Robespierre whip up some chaos at The Delancy last weekend, full gallery here)

So something that I am pretty psyched on, Thrasher Magazine has a little feature on my music photography in the newest issue (Feb. '09). You can also see other photos that didn't run in the mag and read the full interview here.

I've also been invited by my friends over at Free Danger to guest DJ this Wednesday at Savalas on Bedford Ave. It will be sissy ipod-DJing, but I might play you're new favorite song, ya never know. Flyer here.


This one's on the playlist.

• Madcon - Beggin' (Original Version)

A band's place in myspace.



(photos from New Years in New Orleans)

New Orleans for New Years (and then some):

- Fried chicken necks, 6 for $.99.
- Seeing photos from the gay clown orgy that happened the night before I arrived.
- My friend's ingenious sound system: an old tape player with a cassette adapter to play ipods/computers/diskmen through it.
- The previously posted Dirty Duece bike rodeo on New Year's Eve day.
- Among other things, going to see Quintron & Miss Pussycat on New Year's Eve at Mother-In-Law's (Ernie K-Doe's). This became notable due to a drunk or otherwise f*ed up obnoxious individual (seen above in the ugly red & green sweater) who was messing with my friends. I eventually put myself between her and them and kept taking photos. She proceeded to stand on the edge of the stage, knocking into the keyboards, laying on top of me, pouring beer on me, spitting on me, licking my head, screaming in my ear, and even giving me a few good knocks with her beer bottle. I just ignored her until she eventually tried to drag me out of the room several times. She later started another fight with one of my friends and had to be restrained, she chilled out after that. The thing that actually pissed me off about the whole thing was that Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat were right there laughing and enjoying the show. No mention of "relax everybody, we're all here to have a good time," or anything. Pretty lame, guys.
- Cops watching DVDs in their cruiser.
- Seeing some good bands at the Saturn Bar, including Wizzard Sleeve posted below.
- Getting trapped by a crazy torrential thunderstorm.
- Watching Mardi Gras Indians battle in a bar, both musically and physically (see video below).
- Going to the clothing-optional Country Club.
- Riding around all night in serious pea soup fog.
- The school/studios at Colton with the "fireworks" and massage chair installation.
- Walking back home after getting a flat tire in the lower 9th well after dark.
- Going to a Twelfth Night party in costume.
- Hanging out with half of Dark Dark Dark and Ellery at Termite & Vine before getting a lift to the airport by Brodie and Alexis in their veggie grease truck.
- Running into Greg at the airport when both our flights are delayed and hearing about the crazy tall bike scene in Jakarta.

Video of the Dirty Deuce bike rodeo by RobothouseTV:

Dirty Deuce NYE 08.

Video of Mardi Gras Indians battling:

Mardi Gras Indians battling in New Orleans.


Thanks to BJ for helping me locate this band. Double-Zs, who'd have guessed?

• Wizzard Sleeve - Pterodactyl Meltdown

A band's place in myspace.



(photos from the New Years Eve bike rodeo, Dirty Deuce 2, in New Orleans, full gallery here)

Dirty Deuce 2, the second New Years Bike Rodeo in New Orleans:

- Consistent favorites like Foot Down, Chariot Races, Six-pack Attack.
- DJed by Dirtyfringer from NYC and local booty-banger Rusty Lazer.
- Newest event: the obstacle course that included crossing over the Staph Pool on a tiny plank. I don't know what exactly was in the Staph Pool, but it stank strongly of dead animal and raw sewage.
- Biggest difference between this bike rodeo and most others: the constant stream of fireworks going off, mostly into the crowd. One guys hair caught on fire, and another guy had a roman candle explode in his armpit, burning through a couple layers of clothing.
- Most seasonal activity: jumping the burning xmas tree.
- The whole thing eventually disintegrated into a giant dance party, before relocating to the Hi Ho Lounge for the after party.


Blood Ceremony: what if Black Sabbath had flutes?

Bands I got turned on to in New Orleans, but can't find their music available anywhere. All hints are appreciated.

- Wizard Sleeve (Alabama?)
- Guitar Lightning (New Orleans)
- Ibi Na Bo (Domino sound 023)

• Blood Ceremony - Return To Forever

A band's place in myspace.



("The Scandal," the wobbly steed that has borne me around New Orleans)

In New Orleans now. Came down for New Years and a Black Label "bike rodeo." It was pretty crazy, and rather heavy in the incendiary-device department. More on that when I'm back in NYC and have access to a computer.