I go back to move my mom from Ohio to Florida, and then return to NYC:

- Going to the MTVU music awards with friends from Cerebral Ballzy and Ninjasonik to support Matt & Kim (literally, when they were crowd surfing). We eventually work our way in to the VIP area, start doing keg stands, and Tellie interrupts an on-air interview with Matt Pinfield to espouse the greatness of Ninjasonik.
- The opening reception for Punkabbestia hosted by Anonymous Gallery at Collective Hardware. I am showing my series of portraits of the crew of the Swimming Cities of Serenissima. The show is up till January 1st.
- The Gotham Girls Rollerderby finals.
- Punk show featuring Dawn of Humans at Ding Dong Lounge. I get hit in the head with a mic stand and swinging chains, twice.
- I had forgotten how nice a nighttime ride through Central Park can be, but apparently it is against the law since the park closes at night, as was threateningly imparted by the cops with their spotlight in my eyes.


• Chain And The Gang - Deathbed Confession

A band's place at last.



From the road down to New Orleans:

- Stopping in Pittsburgh to visit friends, a movie set, an abandoned boat, and Transformazium in Braddock, PA.
- Borrowing a floating dock, with the intention of paddling up river to Braddock. It was discovered to be a flawed plan, so we left the dock where it was liberated from.
- Our friend we stayed with lived in a house that was purchased for $4000, and the vacant lots on each side were fetched for $200 each.
- Next was Nashville, where we went to an experimental music performance at a local dive bar, and then checked out some of the local resident's dwellings.
- Heading down to New Orleans, still without any solid leads on a place to stay. Semi-frantic calling/texting commences. We end up landing at Gnatalie's recently-moved-in-to place, and all is good.

Also, thanks to New York Magazine for giving me a spot in their article on Brooklyn Music Bloggers.


Also really good to dance up a sweat to.

• March Fourth Marching Band - Crack Haus

• March Fourth Marching Band - Pilot Erect

A band's place at last.



(having fun with diptychs)

Photos from Halloween and more in New Orleans:

- First thing upon arriving in NOLA, we head over to the Dragon's Den to see Big Freedia and DJ Rusty Lazer.
- Hanging out on the banks of the Mississippi.
- Going on a quest for the sugar cane maze.
- Exploring some abandoned houses.
- Sneaking in to the Tree House.
- Later in the week we catch Meschiya Lake and her band. The song in the last post is from one of Meschiya's projects, Magnolia Beacon.
- Tagging along on a Sunday afternoon Second Line.
- Punk shows at Saturn Bar.
- Attending a Voodoo ritual.
- Campfires and a bizarre puppet show at The Pearl.

A new Ninjasonik video made by my friend Nick CT.


No better way to wrap up Halloween than to dance your costume off to this.

• Big Freedia - Get Back

A band's place at last.



Halloween weekend and the Day of the Dead in New Orleans:

- Spending part of Halloween dancing in the street to Ethan DJing off the power from a taco truck.
- Hanging out at a nice party in the French Quarter, alternating between taking over the dance floor and the balcony/open bar.
- Going to see March Fourth and DJ Rusty Lazer for the rest of Halloween.
- The Day Of The Dead parade and viking funeral for Colby Watkins in New Orleans.
- Sitting on the porch of an abandoned house in full costume after the parade and startling a neighbor when they came out to feed the street cats.

Also, a video from the Distance Don't Matter installation at SPACE in Portland that I had mentioned before. Bonus points for anyone who can spot me in it.


So fucking beautiful.

• Magnolia Beacon - Jolene

A band's place at last.